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Dencio went to Gerry’s to try their new Dishes!

Gerry’s Grill Tomas Morato (Near ABS-CBN)
Tomas Morato cor. Eugenio Lopez Quezon City
Phone: 415-9514, 373-9166, 414-4234

…And He Liked It!

Gerry's Grill02

Gerry’s Grill revolutionizes its menu by laying new courses on five of its branches – Alabang, Timog, Subic and Glorietta 5. And Dencio of (which in any way not related to Dencio’s Restaurant) was there to witness the milestone, and taste the winds of change.

Last week, together with bloggers and media peeps, old and new, we were invited to experience and taste the new dishes that Gerry’s has to offer.

Read more for the details…

Our sail was blown away by irresistible starters.

Gerry's Grill14

NEW: FISH AND CHIPS with Mayo-Garlic Dip P145.00

Gerry's Grill08

NEW: SHRIMP AND CHIPS with Mayo-Garlic Dip P295.00

The Fish and Chips  and Shrimp and Chips were served both with garlic mayo dip; a great way to jumpstart a meal, more so for beer buddies who usually splits the tab. The crunchy crust and juicy insides (for the fish its pla pla) were more than appealing, our fingers just can’t stop after every bite. As fast as our conversation went, so did the waiters with other viands on their trays.

Gerry's Grill03

TINOMOK P165 (An all-time Gerry’s Favorite)

The Tinomok, a Gerry’s bestseller is ground chicken wrapped in gabi leaves and cooked ala- laing Bicol style, with sauce that’s just a good match for plain rice. Even more popular is Sizzling Pork Sisig, hot, crispy and consumed any way you want it. No regular or newbie should miss this one.

Gerry's Grill09


Another surprising new addition to their menu is the Adobong Puso Rice. Steamed rice with real adobo! Big Pork Adobo Chunks! Wrapped in banana leaves, poured with garlic sauce and a treat for a party of two to three. To marvel the smell, simply cut it open with a knife. If you’re on a budget, no need to buy extra ulam! :p

 Gerry's Grill06 Gerry's Grill07


Keep em’ coming!

Gerry's Grill04


The classic Beef Caldereta was dished up with cheese on top, another best seller attributable to its soft consistency. Parents should order this if dining with their kids, the sauce will leave them wanting for more.

Gerry's Grill12


Gravy and vegetables came with Sizzling Chicken, a whopping half chicken meant for sharing. If you find the chicken a bit dry, that’s what the gravy is for.

Gerry's Grill13


The Sizzling Binagoongan contained vegetables and pork strips – a bit salty but still a pinoy favorite. One comment though, there were more veggies than meat.. and the meat was a bit tough.

They said that they will be introducing and offering several pla-pla dishes so I suggested a “Pla pla Festival”, to showcase Gerry’s variety of Pla pla dishes: Ginataang Pla Pla, Sizzling Pla pla, and Pinaputok na pla pla wrapped in banana leaves among others.

Gerry's Grill15


The Ginataan had a remarkable coconut taste to its flavor, and gave a strong tinge to the fish meat. Since the coconut has a delicate flavor,I suggest eating this with fish sauce (patis) on the side.

 Gerry's Grill17 Gerry's Grill18


The Pinaputok far exceeded our expectations insofar as inihaw goes, taking credit to the succulent fish and moist cooking.

Gerry's Grill16


The Sizzling on the other hand was complemented by garlic shreds and vegetables. In sum, the pla pla’s were simply amazing.

Gerry's Grill05

Getting thirsty we opt for Four Seasons shake and Ripe Mango Shake reasonably priced and served generously on big glasses.

Gerry's Grill20

L-R: Ms. Chikki Fontanilla (Assistant Brand Manager); Ms. Tina Andrea Papera (Local Store Marketing Manager); Chef Greg (aka Man of the Hour); and Ms. Meggie Jose (Marketing Director)

The evening of digestives soon turned out to be a tour of Gerry’s history in a nutshell. Ms. Meggie spoke eloquently about the restaurants feat and bouts. It appears that the flagship restaurant is Timog, the one that started it all in February of 2007. Since then a constant research and development for new products and improvements for those that exists is sponsored by the company. To maintain consistency, the owner himself is hands on the business, and has the final say on whether a new product is up for launch or otherwise. “Maka-Gerry’s” is the new tag line chosen for the restaurant. Apparently Michael V. is a next door neighbor and a good buddy of the owner, a handshake is enough reward for being the endorser.

It’s an honor to meet the man who heads the kitchen. Chef Greg, dedicated to Gerry’s for ten years, is the company’s pride when it comes to think tanks on new dishes. Like Mr. Crabs, he holds the secret recipe to everything grand – like the crabby patty! :p

Tina Andrea Papera, Local Store Marketing Manager, gorgeously accommodating, handed out the Gerry’s Grill Circle of Friends Loyalty Card.

Gerry's Grill11

While we got ours as complementary items, customers can avail one for only one hundred pesos. The card entitles the bearer a free dish for a minimum of P750 food purchase, in addition to points it earns for every use. A Circle of Friends Party is hosted by a branch every now and then, reaching up to 500 attendees (all of whom are loyalty card holders) treated for a night of great food, friends and freebies.

Gerry's Grill21

Gerry’s is wifi ready, no service charge on the bill and does not charge corkage for wine and hard drinks. Beat that!

Stratigem Marketing does it again by inviting bloggers to an evening of digestives. For a job done well on the event, kampai!

SOON TO OPEN: Gerry’s Grill Boracay! Station 1 near the Yellow Cab Area! :p

For more information on Gerry’s Grill, you may visit their website at

PS: For Citibank Card Holders You Can Get Free Treats from Gerry’s if you use your CitiCard!

Gerry's Grill01

Again, Dencio Went to Gerry’s and He Liked It! :p

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂

By: DENCIO co-written by Atty. Kirby Javier

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