Korean Air loungeNAIA 1NAIA 1 LoungeNaia Terminal 1 Lounge

A Sneak Peek Inside Korean Air’s Lounge in NAIA 1

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 01

Flying business or first class really has its perks. One of it is the lounge service. Although not all airlines have their own lounge facility on every airport, some share a common lounge and some share lounges with their airline partners. As for Korean Air, they have their own lounge here in Manila inside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (NAIA 1). Their Manila lounge is very simple and very small compared to their Lavish Lounge inside Incheon International Airport. But you still get the convenience of waiting in your own private area with free food and all other stuff you need for a convenient travel.

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 02

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 03

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 04

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 05

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 06

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 07

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 08

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 09

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 10

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 11

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 12

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 13

Korean Air Lounge NAIA 14

See it is super small right? 🙂 But you still get free snacks, Wi-Fi, concierge service, charging sockets, TV, Drinks and of course some peace and quiet before your flight.

The Korean Air Lounge Service is a Complimentary Service to those Flying with Prestige and First Class Tickets.

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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