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The Worst Hotel Room That I Have Ever Been To!

Great Eastern Hotel Makati
7842 Makati Avenue, Makati City Philippines
(In front of A-Venue Mall)
Phone: +632-898-2888

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 01

Oh my, should I have been more subtle? I’m sorry but I just can’t find the right words to phrase it and soften the blow. I know I could encounter something worse in the future but by far, this is probably the most hideous hotel room that I have ever been to. The good thing was, I did not stay the night in this room. We were just invited there by our foreigner friend to hang out. He was the unlucky one! So Sad!

My Friend was visiting Manila and he was looking for a cheap room. We found this one in Agoda. The price was within budget, the photos were presentable, and the location was pwefect so basically it looks like a good deal.  We know that the price was cheap but oh boy, he was in for a big surprise.

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 03

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 04

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 05

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 06

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 07

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 08

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 09

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 10

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 11

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 12

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 14

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 15

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 16

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 17

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 18

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 19

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 20

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 21

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 22

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 23

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 24

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 25

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 26

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 28

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 29

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 30

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 31

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 32

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 33

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 34

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 35

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 36

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 38

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 39

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 40

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 41

Apologies for the photo quality, I used my mobile phone and the lighting was bad. That’s the brightest it can get.

  • The room was really old. The layout, the curtains, the fixtures were super outdated.
  • The lighting was terrible.
  • Some sockets were exposed
  • CRT TV!! Yes CRT!!
  • The windows were dirty (both in the room and the shower)
  • The carpet was dirty
  • Smells Funky
  • There shower curtain was dirty and moldy!!
  • One pillow has stains on it
  • The bed was not that comfortable
  • No Wi-fi in the Rooms
  • Dirty Ceiling
  • Dripping water from the AC Unit
  • Corroded Shower Head
  • There was a big pillar right at the middle of the room. Who does that?
  • Everything was just outdated and poorly maintained

If there was one good thing about the hotel that I noticed was the location. I cannot comment on the service because I did not experience any of it but according to my Friend, the check-in went very smoothly.

I know that you get what you pay for but come on! An outdated interior is fine as long as it is kept clean and tidy. I rarely do a super negative post however I was compelled to write this one so that people will be aware of what they are getting in to. I know a lot of hotels show their most amazing pictures online but please, let us post some actual and close-to-reality shots! Let us think of the impression that this will give our tourism and hospitality Industry. We owe it to our guests, I know we could do better than this.

You have been warned! If you are looking for a Hotel under P2,000 you could always check out Go Hotels and Tune Hotels. They are affordable hotels offering excellent service!

On a lighter note, when I was still working in Makati. We used to it at Café de Chine on the Ground level. They offer super delicious lunch buffet for only P200. 🙂 The Butchi was Amazing!! 🙂

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

Originally Posted On: DENCIO.COM

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  1. Actually it looks okay on the outside, But upon inspection sa loob ng kwarto makikita mo nga that. Mukhang napabayaan….

  2. My goodness. Even if it's old as long as they keep it clean 🙁 Thanks for sharing. Hope you can do a review of this hotel in tripadvisor in case you haven't done it yet.

  3. I wish I paid attention to more posts and steered clear of this hotel. I actually lost my way and wasnt able to find the hotel I booked in so after walking around with my luggage across Makati Av I eventually decided to stay here per my friends recommendation that the rooms were OK. I think I got the exact same room as your friend. It was SOOOO dark and musty and moldy. Being a writer for a bed bug site – I started getting hesitations.

    When I entered the pillows werent even arranged it looked like someone just threw it on the bed. Laid down on the bed and the mattress was old. The curtains were dusty and thick as if someone could hide in there! Of course the room was so dark it was scary. I tried looking for another switch but that was it. Upon checking the big cabinet there were two comforters + pillows which I wasnt sure was clean. Walls were dingy, the bathroom – exactly the same molds on the curtain and shower curtain. And yes I was in the same room with the post in the middle.

    And oh dont get me started on the narrow dark hallways parang scene ng horror movie!

    The last straw was the broken glass on the bathroom floor. I mean? Wth you clean the cr up and you dont notice two peices of broken glass?

    Was so scared to stay there. I'm not maarte because I stay in cheap hotels even cheaper than this one but as long as it looks and feels clean Im fine with it. But this?? Didnt even bother to ask for a room replacement. Checked myself right away and dint even get a refund because "na book na daw sa system" gladly I walked around and three blocks away (hidden from Makati Av) was Fersal Inn. Told them about my story and they gave me a 10% discount on my room for two nights – they even told me to check the room out before booking.

    Great Eastern Hotel – never again. I agree with Tune or Go (but theyre a little bit further) so far for hotels within the same proximity I can suggest Fersal.


  4. Still the same commenter, I forgot to add: front desk service was nice. Check in and check out was speedy (no pun intended) and the staff were polite, even a tad apologetic.

    Sorry for the long post! 🙂

  5. Oh boy! this really is a mess! Can't even think about it. All the negatives you've mentioned here, will surely make this hotel turn down someday. I mean what kind of service people are providing to their customers? Small and congested room, really bad. Good that they have all the facilities in the hotel, but no cleanness! Looking so dirty. feeling sorry that you had to stay there.

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