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Soy Yummy
Office Address: 3|F 698 Banawe St., 1114 Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Number: (02) 416 4200
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I love Soy Milk and Taho! I can drink a liter of soy milk or eat a big mug of taho in just one go. Whenever I get the chance, I chase the taho vendor who passes in front of our house just to get my daily dose of taho. It was a challenge but I like the thrill. Recently, Soy Milk and Taho products are becoming more and more popular here in the Philippines. They are now being sold in malls and supermarkets. I have tried a lot of them already but unfortunately, most of them don’t taste real. Majority of the Soy Milk products that are sold in the market tastes processed and has a different flavor to it. I like the traditional, plain and fresh taste of soy milk, if you are a soy milk lover like me; you know what I am talking about – The flavor of plain and freshly processed soy milk.

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As I said, there’s a lot of stores selling Soy Milk and Taho Products in the malls nowadays but my current favorite among them all is Soy Yummy. I first tried their product in their Mall of Asia Branch and I was immediately hooked. Soy Yummy is a local brand which sells fresh, delicious and super reasonably priced soy milk and taho products in the market. I personally love their soy milk which tastes so fresh and perfectly sweetened. The good news is, now, you don’t have to leave your house just to get your dalily dose of taho or soymilk. You can have them delivered as well! Via QuickDelivery of Course!

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Soy Yummy Delivers Both Hot and Cold Taho. It will be delivered neatly packed and it comes in 2 sizes – Regular and Large. Taste super good and not to mention cleaner than most taho out there so it perfect for both kids and adults.

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Aside from Taho, Soy Yummy also delivers Soy Milks in a Variety of flavor – Original, Chocolate, and Melon. Personally, the original flavor is my all-time favorite but the chocolate is also good and will probably be the most appealing to kids. I find the melon flavor very artificial though. Yes, I know that it is artificially flavored but I did not expect to be that heavily flavored (in my opinion at least) a little close to a fresh melon flavor would be better.

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Keeping up with the trend of blended drinks, Soy Yummy also sell blended soy drinks. They have the Oreo, Original, Lychee-Melon, and the Choco Banana flavors. This blended drink comes with big sago or pearls. They taste like your favorite pearl shakes the only main difference is that these are made from soy milk.

Soy Yummy’s menu is very brief; they really stick with the basics. The prices of their products are also super reasonable.

Soy Yummy Menu Prices

Lactose intolerant peeps, rejoice!! Now, everyone can have their favorite Soy Milk wherever they are. All you need to worry about is the potential increase in your uric acid that you might get from drinking too much soy products.

Soy Yummy Branches:

  • SM Mall of Asia (Flagship Outlet) – North wing in front of McDonald’s
  • SM Pasig- G|F near Chinabank
  • SM Megamall- G|F Mega A; infront of National Bookstore
  • SM Marikina- G|F; near Cyberzone
  • Alabang Town Center- G|F near parking
  • SM Southmall

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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