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Please Bring the IKEA Food Service to Manila!

I Love IKEA Products and I love walking inside their gigantic Warehouse and Showrooms. It is a whole day affair for me during my travels! But what I love more is their Food Service Department. Their Swedish meatballs are Awesome! If someone can’t bring the entire IKEA Franchise to the Philippines yet, I hope someone would start bringing in their Food Service Department if that is even remotely possible. I am dreaming here… Don’t ruin it for me!!  Hahahaha!


Price Board Photo taken from IKEA Singapore a few years back. Prices ($SG) are not updated.

The last time I enjoyed these awesome Swedish Treats was when I visited Kuala Lumpur late last year. It was so much fun and as expected I really enjoyed every minute of that meal. I savored every bite! There was a lot of people that day and the queue was long but it was all worth it!! 🙂

IKEA Food Service 1

IKEA Food Service 3

IKEA Food Service 4

IKEA Food Service 5

IKEA Food Service 6

IKEA Food Service 7

IKEA Food Service 8

IKEA Food Service 2

Everything was just delicious! I know that if have tried these, your mouths are watering right now. 🙂

So Please, Rich People, Business Men, Capitalists! I beg you! If you can’t carry the entire IKEA Brand just yet, at least start bringing the IKEA Food Service to the Philippines!

Still Dreaming! 🙂

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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