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Experience the best of Italy in Alabang!

Crimson Hotel Manila
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang Muntinlupa
Contact Number: (02) 863-2222

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“In commemoration of Italy’s National Day on June 02, Crimson Hotel in Alabang presents “Ciao Italia”, a month-long food festival highlighting authentic gourmet dishes from South Italy. A diverse spread of Italian dishes especially created to excite the palates will greet Café Eight diners this month of June.”

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It is a Month Long Italian Celebration at Crimson Hotel Manila that is why Crimson Hotel’s Italian Executive Chef Alessio Loddo prepared some exciting and truly Italian Dishes for all the Hotel Guest this whole month of June. Here are some of his delicious offerings:

Pasta and Main Dishes:

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Malloreddus alla Campidanese: This one is a fresh solid pasta dish, coated with tomato sauce and sausage. It is quite firm and chewy with a slightly tangy sauce to it. The flavor is quite subtle, similar to your favorite marinara sauce. It is a refreshing pasta offering from Crimson since most Italian restaurants usually sell the typical pasta shapes.

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Agnello e Carciofi: This one is Lamb with Artichokes. I don’t eat lamb 🙁 Boo Me!

Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 39

Risotto alle Cozze e Limone: I really like this one (except for the mussel which I don’t eat). The risotto was perfectly cooked and the flavors are just awesome. It has a really good texture in your mouth and there are no aftertaste from the seafood.

Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 32

Tagliata di Manzo con Rucola e Grana: This one was a delight as well, sliced beef with cheese! What’s not to like right? The beef was really tender and juicy!


Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 37

Tiramisu, Pardulas and Canoli Siciliani: The tiramisu was ok, nothing spectacular there and the 2 others were made from bread and they were a bit hard. But among all the desserts that day, the runaway winner was the… PANNA COTTA!

Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 41

This Panna Cotta is the Best Panna Cotta I have ever had ever, everr! It was smooth, perfectly sweetened, perfect texture, not too soft not too firm, and the strawberry purée was just heavenly! There was also a Mango version but I was not able to try it, I bet it was awesome as well. We got to take home one of this and I placed it in the freezer overnight, the next day the texture was still perfect! Being Pinoy, I love leche flan more, but after tasting this Panna Cotta, I had a change of heart!

Aside from the Main Dishes and Desserts, there were also some Appetizers that were served but unfortunately, the photos were corrupted! Technical problems! Among the appetizers that were served were:

  • Prosciutto san san daniele con melone
  • Capaccio di Tonno alla Carlofortina
  • Insalata Caprese di Bufala
  • Aragosta alla Catalana
  • Frittura de Calamari

And an Italian meal will not be awesome without a good wine!

Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 27

If there is one thing missing from this excellent Italian Meal was the bread. According to the hotel, there was supposed to be a bread but it was not served. I wonder why.

Now, the food is just one part of the complete Italian Experience at Crimson Hotel. For a holistic Italian experience, they also provide Italian Music and Italian Art which they flew directly from Italy!

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“With its promise to provide a feast for all senses, Ciao Italia will treat hotel guests to some soothing Italian music at Café Eight. An undeniably authentic trip to Italy as you indulge yourself to your favorite Italian comfort food while being surrounded by Italian artworks and hotel staff dressed in Italian festive costumes. All these made possible in the hotel’s partnership with Il Mercante Di Venezia.

Celebrate and be delighted to have a slice of Italian cuisine for only Php 1,100 nett for lunch and Php1,400 nett for dinner. A “Buy One Get One” offer is also available on Italian wines priced at Php 1,500 nett for Romio Sangiovese and Chardonnay.”

So if you like Italian food or if you want to experience Italy without robbing a bank, then you better check out Ciao Italia at Crimson Hotel Alabang this whole month of June. Treat your self to an authentic Italian food, artwork, and music!

As for me, I will be back this weekend for my Panna Cotta!! 🙂

Goodluck Guys!

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

Originally Posted On: DENCIO.COM

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