Honda 1M Blue Campaign

Drive for Blue Skies: Be a Committed Eco-Driver!

Go Green! It is probably one of the most used phrases nowadays, It’s everywhere. Plastic ban, recycling, zero-waste and a lot more programs are being implemented just to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce pollution and help the earth recover. There are lots of huge projects being pushed out there to help the environment like reforestation, renewable energy, solar power, etc. but for most of us the most sustainable are the… Read More »Drive for Blue Skies: Be a Committed Eco-Driver!

Club New You

Rock the Fat Away via Club New You!

Club New You! Website: Facebook: Twitter: “Roche and Xenical have partnered with the Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity (PASOO) to launch a campaign to help you rock your body to a better you. The campaign, dubbed "Rock The Fat Away", addresses the serious problems of overweight and obesity, including safe and unsafe methods of weight loss.” Overweight and obesity rank fifth among the… Read More »Rock the Fat Away via Club New You!

Starbucks Wooden Stirrer

Love the Popsicle Sticks!

This will be quick! I just noticed this morning that Starbucks already replaced their usual plastic stirrers with a somewhat more environment friendly version – wooden stirrers/popsicle sticks. And they already changed their logo locally – they started with the cups, the signage will follow soon. Remember: “It takes all of us to make a difference.” Do your share! 🙂 My Favorite Starbucks Drink is not on the menu: Classic… Read More »Love the Popsicle Sticks!