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My First Blogging Event of 2011

First of All, Happy New Year Y’all! 🙂 It has been a wonderful 2010 for Second – I would like to Thank you guys for all your support and Visits! That’s 500K++ Visits from July 2010-December 2010! I know some of you may say that that’s not a lot, but for me it is! For that, I am really grateful! 🙂 Third – Thank you for all the resume’s,… Read More »My First Blogging Event of 2011

Microsoft Bloggers Night16

Microsoft Blogger’s Night | The Food!

I must say, Microsoft really knows how to hold an Event. They fill your tummy first with great food then your head with Information! You cant explain something to a Man with who has an empty stomach! Win-Win! :p The menu that night… and the Best part of the event :p I will start with the Panini – Ham and Cheese Panini! It was Soo Good! Crunchy on the Outside,… Read More »Microsoft Blogger’s Night | The Food!

Microsoft Bloggers Night05

Microsoft Blogger’s Night @ 6750

Last Thursday, we attended the Microsoft Blogger’s at Microsoft’s Philippine Office at 6750 in Makati.   Look very Googlish Must Say… Wait till you see their reception area… The event was to introduce their latest offerings which focused more on Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Windows Azure and The Beta of Microsoft Office 2010. They also had a demo of their relatively new Search Engine, Bing, which was surprisingly amazing (coming from… Read More »Microsoft Blogger’s Night @ 6750