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Microsoft Bloggers Night16

Microsoft Blogger’s Night | The Food!

I must say, Microsoft really knows how to hold an Event. They fill your tummy first with great food then your head with Information! You cant explain something to a Man with who has an empty stomach! Win-Win! :p The menu that night… and the Best part of the event :p I will start with the Panini – Ham and Cheese Panini! It was Soo Good! Crunchy on the Outside,… Read More »Microsoft Blogger’s Night | The Food!

Microsoft Bloggers Night05

Microsoft Blogger’s Night @ 6750

Last Thursday, we attended the Microsoft Blogger’s at Microsoft’s Philippine Office at 6750 in Makati.   Look very Googlish Must Say… Wait till you see their reception area… The event was to introduce their latest offerings which focused more on Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Windows Azure and The Beta of Microsoft Office 2010. They also had a demo of their relatively new Search Engine, Bing, which was surprisingly amazing (coming from… Read More »Microsoft Blogger’s Night @ 6750

Twitter Over Capacity

Oops! Twitter Over Capacity Error!

A random Twitter Error Message. Well, this is new – For me at least. While back-reading on the tons and tons of tweets I missed in the past couple of days, I encountered this error message when I clicked the “Home” Link on my twitter sidebar. Actually, It happened twice.. But After a few moments, I refreshed the page and everything was back to normal. Has anyone encountered the same… Read More »Oops! Twitter Over Capacity Error!


What Do you Think of the New FaceBook Layout? VOTE NOW!

Share your thoughts! Express Your Ideas! Release your Rage! VOTE NOW if You Like or Dis-Like the New FaceBook Layout! Just Click on the Picture below, Log on to your Account and Vote! Hurry! Let Your Voice Be heard! :p And I quote “a Friend”… Friendster = Eeewwness! :p Matapobre! :p Hahahaha! 🙂 Thanks! _________________________________ By: Dennis Christian Angulo Originally Posted On: Email Me | Post a Comment |… Read More »What Do you Think of the New FaceBook Layout? VOTE NOW!


Gmail Goes Offline, Finally!

Offline Access That is… I have been waiting for this feature for years! And at last, its here… Here is the Video Presentation of the Feature! Read the Full Details on Gmail’s Blog. Gmail=Awesome!   By: Dennis Christian Angulo Originally Posted On: Gmail Blog Email Me | Post a Comment | Subscribe to My BLOG (RSS)

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Meditation and Relaxation – Online?!

I’m so Exited to Publish This Post! I mean So-So Excited! Why? I was surfing the net as usual and I stumbled upon this cool site Poodwaddle. They offer free gadgets that you can use on your Blogs or Websites. Among the several tools that they were offering, one of them catches my full attention. The Meditation and Relaxation Tool. At first look, It sounds too good to be true… Read More »Meditation and Relaxation – Online?!

Google Chrome

Google’s New Amazing Tools – All for Free!

In case you haven’t noticed, was not aware, or just plainly not paying attention to the world of online technology, Google, last week released 2 new tools or applications for the tech-savvy and Googleholics out there. They released a new Web Browser – CHROME, and Updated the Famous Picasa 2 to the new PICASA 3 beta. Google Chrome If you are a Googleholic, an avid user of their amazing cloud-computing… Read More »Google’s New Amazing Tools – All for Free!