Starbucks Philippines Free Up-Size

Starbucks Post Happy-Hour Free Drink Upsize!

As a Treat to their “Patient” Non-Frappuccino customers. Starting today, 09 May, until Tomorrow 10 May, Starbucks Philippines will offer Free Upgrade to your favorite non-frap drinks. That is one size up on you favorite Brewed Coffee, Espresso, Tea, and Chocolate Drinks. This is the perfect promo for this Gloomy, Cold, Rainy Weather! Promo is Only Valid For 2 days, May 9 and May 10 2011. Available from Store Opening… Read More »Starbucks Post Happy-Hour Free Drink Upsize!

Starbucks 2

Starbucks Philippines FREE Drink Upsize!

Yes, you got that right! No Frills, No Strings Attached! Just Free Upsize from Starbucks! WEH! Starting Yesterday (01 March 2011) until Sunday (06 March 2011). All Starbucks Branches in the Philippines will be Offering Free Upsize to your favorite Drink. That’s one size up from what you paid for! All you need to do is ask! In my case, I did not have to do anything! How Cool is… Read More »Starbucks Philippines FREE Drink Upsize!