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Hot! Hoot! Hooot! Hooters!

The night was still young when the E-heads concert ended, we are now a bit hungry that is why we went to HOOTERS!

Me, Mark, CF Xty, Alex, Me Kaming Lahat

This place needs no further introduction! One night at the Hooters, Need I say more? HOT! :p

Birthday Daw nya! New York! New York! Hooollaahh!

 Chow Time!Hooters at play Night with the Hooter Girls

We ate “healthy” foods, Drank “healthy” drinks and after that satisfying meal, and to our amazement we (the entire crowd) were treated to a series of “production numbers” from the Hooter girls themselves. Apparently, they perform their stuff if there are occasion like birthday. we thought that there will be only one performance, we were wrong! Choo! Choo! :p


Uploaded by www.DENCIO.com

Uploaded by www.DENCIO.com


By the way, have I mentioned that the food was delicious! I mean Really! :p

Burgers and Fries! What could possibly go wrong?!

Steak Fries Negra ka! Burgers and Fries!

WOW! That was one high-calorie diet! Better keep the blood pressure medication handy!

Until Next Time!

Sa Hooters! Buy 2 take 1! Me and Jham (tama ba?)

Hoot! Hoot!

Dennis Christian Angulo


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