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Crown Regency Hotel and Towers Cebu

During our Cebu Getaway, we stayed in The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers located along Fuente Osmena Highway Cebu City.

Our stay was just Ok…. There are still plenty of room for improvement.

Ok Let’s start…

We were fetched at the Airport On-Time, the Driver who assisted us was very friendly.

Crown Regency1

We arrived at the Hotel after a pleasant 20-minute drive. We walked inside the lobby. Nothing grand here, just a normal, small hotel lobby. A bit disappointing for a Hotel of this Kind.

We went straight into the front desk for us to check-in. And then the Hassle starts…

Since we were on a package, the front desk attendant prepared the package contract and the vouchers for the Sky Experience Rides just that moment! It was not prepared ahead of time considering that I have booked the package in their Makati office weeks before. After a while, she presented the package for me to acknowledge and sign. However one ride was missing! And the Room was only prepared for Twin Sharing instead of Triple! Hassle.. So she called someone to verify, also, I showed her the package contract that I signed in Makati. Also, all throughout the negotiation in the front desk, the receptionist was not smiling at all, she looks annoyed and she was speaking in Cebuano on the phone while constantly glancing at us. HOW RUDE! One more thing… She was the only receptionist on the front desk! Imagine that! a 37-storey Hotel with only one person in the Front Desk!!!

Annoyed, I asked her how long do we have to wait.. She said that she is just verifying. After a while, she gave us the key card and we can just wait for the vouchers in our room. So we went up to our room still assisted by our driver.

Crown Regency2 Crown Regency3 Crown Regency4 Crown Regency5 Crown Regency6

They have this High-tech But hassle Elevator! The Elevator from the ground only takes guests up to the 19th floor. For higher rooms, you have to transfer to another elevator. The Hassle, You have to tap your card on the elevator sensor for it to take you up stairs! If you don’t have your key card, you have to call the reception to assist you!!! Which may take a while! A while! Super hassle! I know it is an added security to guests but if you accidentally forgot your key inside your room… It will be a big hassle!

 Crown Regency27 Crown Regency28 Crown Regency7

We arrived at our floor, room 2306.

This is a standard room… :p The Usual set-up of a Standard Room. But This room was very cozy and Bigger than the usual. The big difference was the view. A great view of the Fuente Osmena Highway and The Osmena Circle.

 Crown Regency17

Complementary Coffee…

Crown Regency11
Crown Regency12 Crown Regency13 Crown Regency14 Crown Regency15   Crown Regency18 Crown Regency19 Crown Regency20 Crown Regency21 Crown Regency22 Crown Regency23 Crown Regency24

We settled in. The driver who assisted us to our room, was reluctant to leave until we gave him the tip… Expecting Si Kuya :p It took a while while waiting for the vouchers, so I called the front desk. As Expected, No one answered, the solo receptionist must be busy. After 3 calls, I finally got through, she told me to wait for another 10 minutes.

10 Minutes passed and still nothing. Annoyed even more, I called again and she said that the hotel attendant is on his way. Shortly, there was a knock on the door. I got the envelope and checked the vouchers! STILL INCOMPLETE! I am starting to get pissed! So I went down the front desk to discuss the matter. The not so friendly receptionist told me “Ganyan lang po talaga yan” Super annoyed by her answer, I called my contact person in their Makati office. They discussed and after a while she said that I will just use the same voucher twice for the ride.
I left un-convinced. We went to the Sky Experience to Check if it will be ok to use the voucher twice. And I am correct! It was not allowed! SUPER PISSED I explained the matter to the Sky Experience Desk at the 19th floor. Then people there called the front desk! OMG! YOU ARE WASTING MY PRECIOUS VACATION TIME! :p I called again my contact person and after some discussion with the hotel people. They gave us the correct vouchers! AYUN NAMAN PALA! Nang-Hassle Pa kayo! :p

Crown Regency25  Crown Regency29

The CR was also standard, toiletries, Blow Drier, Shower, Tub, Sink, Hot and Cold Water.

Crown Regency30 Crown Regency31 Crown Regency32 Crown Regency33 Crown Regency34 Crown Regency8 Crown Regency9 Crown Regency10

The room also has Complementary High Speed Internet Access… And High Speed it Is! At least 1MBPS at any given time. LAN Cable Is Provided 🙂

Crown Regency16Crown Regency35

My apologies for the Ranting! I just have to share this 🙂

There are still a few hassle moments but I think I have made my point. No need to share them all.

Now to summarize…

The Good:

  • The Hotel has good Rates
  • The Hotel is Near Cebu’s landmarks
  • The Hotel is accessible to public transportation
  • Great Rooms
  • Good Food
  • Sky Experience is in the Hotel

The Bad

  • Worst Service I had for a Hotel
  • The Staff were not that friendly (maybe because we were locals, I don’t know)
  • The Elevator is a Hassle
  • The Key Card is a Hassle
  • It was not well attended, especially the front desk.
  • Not properly coordinated (The Hotel, Makati Office, and Sky Experience)

Also, we realized how crappy their service was when we went to Hilton! You can really tell the difference!

Well Anyway… Maybe it is just me… You May have another experience :p

Next Cebu Trip… I would probably look for another hotel. Furthermore,  I would not recommend the hotel to my friends either!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂
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