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Lunch at Olives Restaurant | Thunderbird Poro Point Dining

Picking Up From My Previous Post

It was Lunch time at Thunderbird Poro Point, and the choices… Olives Restaurant and…

That’s it. :p

Olive's Menu01

Olives Restaurant is the only restaurant in the main Hotel/resort area in Thunderbird Poro point. There are 2 other cafe’s/restaurant in the casino area (not a walking distance away). Alternatively, you may drive out of the complex and go to the town, the nearest fast-food is Jollibee.. a 5-10 minute drive…

Being the only restaurant in the hotel, I was expecting a great dining experience… But unfortunately I was disappointed on the food and the service..

The place was clean and calm. The color was very earthy and neutral. I personally like the view from the glass windows, a view of the sea and the greenery. The ambiance was great and the restaurant was not that crowded, to think it was lunch time. Probably some folks prefer to order room service.

Olive's Restaurant Poro Point09 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point11 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point04 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point05 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point06 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point07 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point08

Now the food.

Our Orders took a while before it was served. A while meaning around 45 minutes!

Olive's Restaurant Poro Point14

Free Bread While Waiting.. with Garlic Butter.

Olive's Restaurant Poro Point10

Ripe Mango Shake Php 200 +10%sc

 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point12

Melon Shake Php 160.00 +10%sc

 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point13

Watermelon Shake Php 160.00 +10%sc

They have a brick oven inside the restaurant for the pizzas.

Olive's Restaurant Poro Point15

Four Cheese Pizza Php 720.00 +10%sc

Goat’s Cheese, Parmesan, Feta, and Mozzarella!

I have tasted a lot of all-cheese pizza before, and by far, this is probably the worst I had. Sorry, but it was disappointing. The flavors were not in harmony. And the Price for such disappointment? PHP 720++!

Olive's Restaurant Poro Point16

Pizza Ilokano Php 400.00 +10%sc

Tomato, Mozzarella, Cheddar Cheese, Vigan Longganisa, Tocino, Tuna, and Onion!

This really compensated to my previous disappointment! I love this pizza it was very unique and the toppings really go well together. Surprisingly, mixing all these with tuna turned out to be good!

Olive's Restaurant Poro Point17

Devilled Chicken Php 420.00 +10%sc

Half Chicken with green olives, chili flakes, tomato, red wine, and celery.

It was not as flavorful as I expected. It was just like eating a regular spicy roasted chicken.

Olive's Restaurant Poro Point18

 Chicken Piccata Milanese Php 420.00 +10%sc

 Olive's Restaurant Poro Point19

Pork Medallions Php 480.00 +10%sc

I’m not being bitter because I feel that I got a below average service level from the resort crew but I must really say the the food was really forgettable. Aside from the Ilocano Pizza, everything else was ordinary. Too bad because it was the only restaurant on the hotel. I was really expecting a lot from the restaurant. A great looking and unique hotel like this must be complemented by a great restaurant. One last thing, considering that the resort’s theme is Greek/Mediterranean, the food/menu must follow. There was not a lot of Mediterranean dish on the menu.

They should really improve on the quality of the food and service. the looks and uniqueness of the hotel cannot be the only attraction. It must be complemented by great service and awesome food!

Olive’s Restaurant in Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point Menu:

Olive's Menu01 Olive's Menu02 Olive's Menu03 Olive's Menu04 Olive's Menu05 Olive's Menu06 Olive's Menu07 Olive's Menu08 Olive's Menu09 Olive's Menu10

Next Poro Point Santorini Bar/Lounge!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂


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  1. i love the honesty of your blog posts! i would also like to thank you for your restaurant reviews. your post on sentro 1771 and their prices helped us decide to celebrate my parents' anniversary there! (they've changed some of their menu prices, meron nang for sharing and solo prices)
    suggestion: maybe you could use page breakers ba yun? yung i-ki-click mo to read the rest of this entry. para lang mas mabilis mag-scroll/search sa blog mo. thanks!

  2. Wow. Awesome stuff, man. I love your blog. I'm here at Thunderbird and your content came up in search. You might have saved me a few hundred bucks – so thank you!


  3. Hi dencio! Nice reviews 🙂 Regarding the page breaks, there's a simple option to do it without going through the whole HMTL thing 🙂

    Go to Edit Post, edit one of ur posts, then look for the icon that says "Insert page break." Just insert it wherever you want to cut your entry. 🙂

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