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Moud’s Roasted Chicken Halal

In time with the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr it is only befitting to serve some Halal Foods for our Muslim Friends out There.

Secluded from the rest of the world and concealed behind the street vendors of Globo De Oro, is the popular ”Hole in the Wall” restaurant in Quiapo Manila Called Moud’s Chicken Halal.
Halal of course is the word used to designate foods which are permissible according to Islamic law. Practically No-Pork or No Pork By-product Cuisine.

Anyway, they say that this place serves great Roasted Chicken Halal. Actually, all food they serve is Halal… Hmmm.. Sounds interesting, so I have to try it for myself.

The place is located along Globo De Oro street in Quiapo. Near The DVD area and The Mosque.

My apologies for the poor picture quality, due to some technical problem with the camera, I had to use the mobile phone camera instead 🙁

Moud's Chicken Halal17

According to the people who tried it before, they offer good food at super cheap prices!

Moud's Chicken Halal18

Upon entry, you will be greeted by the ordering area. The dining area is located up-stairs.

Moud's Chicken Halal16  Moud's Chicken Halal08

The Place is relatively clean and gives you a good view of the street in front and the nearby Mosque.

Moud's Chicken Halal09 Moud's Chicken Halal10 Moud's Chicken Halal11 Moud's Chicken Halal12 Moud's Chicken Halal13 Moud's Chicken Halal14 Moud's Chicken Halal15

Apparently, the place has already been featured in some newspapers before 🙂

Moud's Chicken Halal24 Moud's Chicken Halal01 Moud's Chicken Halal02 Moud's Chicken Halal03 Moud's Chicken Halal04 Moud's Chicken Halal05 Moud's Chicken Halal06 Moud's Chicken Halal19 Moud's Chicken Halal20 Moud's Chicken Halal22

They have The Chicken Rotisserie at the Entrance of the Store…

They also have Hopia.. But Not baboy! Hehehe! :p

 Moud's Chicken Halal23

The Chicken Was Good! Although at first, you can’t really tell the difference between their chicken and the normal roasted chicken out there. But after a while, you will really taste a distinct flavor… Not sure what, but there is something :p The chicken is also juicy and tender! And For Just 200 pesos for 1 Whole Chicken! Sulit!

The Dip for the chicken is similar to Ketchup plus hot sauce, plus some spices! It really enhances the flavor of the juicy chicken! YUM!

The Meatball Something was also good! For just 30 Pesos it is a value for your money!
The Rice, we tried the 3 variety, the Plain, the Java which they say has coconut milk, and the Kabsa which was flavored with spices but it was not Hot… and Literally the rice was not HOT! :p

The Spaghetti…. Go stick with Jollibee! :p

Traditionally, you can eat with your bare hands, but of course, after walking around Quiapo, no more clean hands for me! And… Water or alcohol is not enough so We have to use the provided Plastic Spoon and Fork 😛

By the way, the chicken is also good for take-out! It is neatly packed inside a Big Styro Box!

Moud's Chicken Halal07

Aside from the Chicken and Ulam, they also sell burgers… Which taste similar to the other burger stands across town :p

Moud's Chicken Halal21

1 Whole Chicken, 3 Rice, 1 Meatball Ulam, 1 Spaghetti, 2 Softdrinks in a Bottle, For Only 320 Pesos! WOW! What an Incredible Offer! :p

I would probably go back to this place if I have the chance to go back to Quiapo!

For Dessert… Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Sundae at Ministop! Hehehe! :p For only  15 Pesos! Its is super Sulit! :p

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂
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