May 2010


Grassi’s Cafe Alabang

First of All, I am a bit hesitant in posting this. Because, I am not actually sure if Posting this is still appropriate.. Why you ask? Well, I was in Alabang Town Center Last weekend and Unfortunately, I found out that Grassi’s was already closed. I am not quite sure if they closed for good or just a total make-over or a renovation. Although, there was no sign that they… Read More »Grassi’s Cafe Alabang

Acqua Salon Promo Packages

Acqua Salon Style Packages (Promo)

  Previous Post: ACQUA SALON Good News to All My Kikay Readers! Acqua Salon Westgate Alabang and Trinoma are currently offering discounts if you avail of the Following Packages! 🙂 There are 4 Packages to choose from Depending on Your Desired Look! 🙂   For First Timer’s, If you visit Acqua Salon Alabang, Look For MJ 🙂 Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂 _________________________________ By: DENCIO Originally Posted On: Email… Read More »Acqua Salon Style Packages (Promo)


Bottomless Nachos at Chili’s!

Chili’s Bar and Grill, Greenbelt 5 2nd Level Greenbelt 5, Makati City (02) 729.2862 Did you know that Chili’s Served BOTTOMLESS NACHOS?! Oh… I mean, Tostada Chips! You Don’t? Me neither! But Yes Folks! You Read that Correctly. I was also surprised when I knew that Chili’s Offer Unlimited/Bottomless Tostada Chips with Salsa! For Just P310+ You and your Barkada/Family/Officemates/Other Buddies can Enjoy this offering. I suggest you try this… Read More »Bottomless Nachos at Chili’s!

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center4

Lazer Xtreme Now Open in Alabang Town Center (ATC)

Lazer Xtreme (Laser Extreme) Alabang 2nd Floor Cinema Lane, Alabang Town Center (ATC), Muntinlupa City Located Above NorthPark and Tempura (Previously Paeng’s Bowling) Tel. (02) 856.6467 | 0915.635.1448 | I was in ATC this afternoon and found out something new! Lazer Xtreme (Or Laser Extreme) is now Open! Yes, this is similar to the one in Market! Market! in Taguig. BUT, according to the front desk, this branch… Read More »Lazer Xtreme Now Open in Alabang Town Center (ATC)

Microsoft Bloggers Night16

Microsoft Blogger’s Night | The Food!

I must say, Microsoft really knows how to hold an Event. They fill your tummy first with great food then your head with Information! You cant explain something to a Man with who has an empty stomach! Win-Win! :p The menu that night… and the Best part of the event :p I will start with the Panini – Ham and Cheese Panini! It was Soo Good! Crunchy on the Outside,… Read More »Microsoft Blogger’s Night | The Food!

Microsoft Bloggers Night05

Microsoft Blogger’s Night @ 6750

Last Thursday, we attended the Microsoft Blogger’s at Microsoft’s Philippine Office at 6750 in Makati.   Look very Googlish Must Say… Wait till you see their reception area… The event was to introduce their latest offerings which focused more on Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Windows Azure and The Beta of Microsoft Office 2010. They also had a demo of their relatively new Search Engine, Bing, which was surprisingly amazing (coming from… Read More »Microsoft Blogger’s Night @ 6750

Twitter Over Capacity

Oops! Twitter Over Capacity Error!

A random Twitter Error Message. Well, this is new – For me at least. While back-reading on the tons and tons of tweets I missed in the past couple of days, I encountered this error message when I clicked the “Home” Link on my twitter sidebar. Actually, It happened twice.. But After a few moments, I refreshed the page and everything was back to normal. Has anyone encountered the same… Read More »Oops! Twitter Over Capacity Error!

Cafe By The Ruins13

Cafe By The Ruins Baguio

Café by the Ruins Baguio 23 Chuntug Street, Baguio City, Philippines, 2600 (+6374) 442.4010 It’s Summer! Perfect time of the year to go to Baguio. And when in Baguio, you have to try dining at Cafe by the Ruins. The place is located near Rizal Park in Baguio City, Most locals are familiar with the place so finding it won’t be that hard. Also, it is noticeable because it is… Read More »Cafe By The Ruins Baguio

M2M Morning to Midnight Buffet1

M2M: Morning to Midnight Restaurant Buffet

New World Hotel Makati City (Formerly Named Renaissance Hotel) Esperanza Street Corner Makati Avenue, (Near Greenbelt Area) Makati City 1228, Philippines (+632) 811.6888 Tell the reception to connect you to M2M Before anything Else, Here is what you need/want to know: M2M Buffet Price/Discounts/Rates (Weekdays and Weekends) Lunch (11:30AM-2:30PM)    Php 1,382.00* (NET) Dinner (6:00PM-10:30PM)   Php 1,504.50* (NET) *Drinks are not Included Ongoing Promos: If you have a World of Dining… Read More »M2M: Morning to Midnight Restaurant Buffet