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Cafe By The Ruins Baguio

Café by the Ruins Baguio
23 Chuntug Street, Baguio City, Philippines, 2600
(+6374) 442.4010

Cafe By The Ruins13

It’s Summer! Perfect time of the year to go to Baguio. And when in Baguio, you have to try dining at Cafe by the Ruins. The place is located near Rizal Park in Baguio City, Most locals are familiar with the place so finding it won’t be that hard. Also, it is noticeable because it is the only place enclosed in a wooden or bamboo fence.

Cafe By The Ruins02

The place was called Cafe By the Ruins because it was the remaining structure of the old governor’s house. The pillars and posts inside the cafe was the actual ruins of the said house.

The place was beautiful!!! It was calm and peaceful inside But from time to time you will hear the noise from the construction immediately beside the Cafe. But generally it was still cozy and relaxing. The cafe was artistically decorated and designed. In fact, some art and photography exhibits were being held here.

Cafe By The Ruins24 Cafe By The Ruins03 Cafe By The Ruins04 Cafe By The Ruins05 Cafe By The Ruins06 Cafe By The Ruins14 Cafe By The Ruins15 Cafe By The Ruins16 Cafe By The Ruins17 Cafe By The Ruins18 Cafe By The Ruins19

The Place was Pretty, The Food was Amazing (Later) But… the service was a bit off that day.What happened was, we were taking pictures of the food and what we did was we placed the food on top of the menu – Carefully of course – For a better shot. But during our shoot, one of the waiter walked towards our table and without a word, removed the menu and took it! HOW RUDE WAS THAT?! He could have asked us properly if that was not allowed! Also, most of the time, the waiters were not that attentive, even to other tables. I hope they address this soon. The place would have been perfect.

But anyway, we went there primarily for the food anyway. So here’s what we had that day. We just finished breakfast so we were not able to order full meals. We settled for snack items instead.

Cafe By The Ruins07

Dark Bittersweet Chocolate Php 140.00

A demi-tasse of pure chocolate tablea, carabao milk, cream, moscovado sugar, and cinammon, very thick, not too sweet.

Cafe By The Ruins12

Sumat at Tsokolate Php 180.00

Sticky rice soaked in coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaf, served with chocolate for a traditional merienda.

Cafe By The Ruins08

Albert’s Homemade Ice Cream Php 115.00

Cafe By The Ruins09

Beef Steak Sandwich Php 155.00

Seared slices of beef tenderloin with lettuce leaves and caramelized onions sandwich in Cafe by the Ruin’s Saigon Bread.

Cafe By The Ruins10 Cafe By The Ruins11

Session Road Merienda Php 190.00

Pancit Mami and Siomai – Fresh Egg Noodles in Chicken broth, full of chicken pieces, eggs, bokchoy, carrots, and the rest of the garden, served with mushroom dumplings.

like I said the food was great! Especially the Suman!!! Love It! This place is really recommended especially to tourists. The price is a bit steep but I assure you, it is worth it.

Here are some behind the scene photos 🙂

Cafe By The Ruins20 Cafe By The Ruins21

Gotch, Me (Usi)

Cafe By The Ruins22

Mau and Cathy

Cafe By The Ruins23

Gotch = NPA (Not Paying Attention)

Here is the Complete Menu of Cafe By The Ruins Baguio.

Cafe By the Ruins Menu01

Cafe By the Ruins Menu11 Cafe By the Ruins Menu02 Cafe By the Ruins Menu03 Cafe By the Ruins Menu04 Cafe By the Ruins Menu05 Cafe By the Ruins Menu06 Cafe By the Ruins Menu07 Cafe By the Ruins Menu08 Cafe By the Ruins Menu09 Cafe By the Ruins Menu10

Happy Summer!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂


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