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Must Try: Manang’s Chicken’s Red Velvet Sundae

Manang’s Chicken, known for their crispy-licious, juicy-licious, finger-licking good and surely Sarap to the bones soy garlic chicken has gone a long way since I last reviewed them 2 years ago. Before, they were just serving their Double Deep Fried chicken in Weekend Food Markets but now, they are slowly but surely becoming one of the most sought after fast food chain in Manila. Now, no need to wait for the weekend, you can enjoy their delicious chicken by just visiting one of their 12 branches.


This year, the innovation continues for Manang’s Chicken. They are introducing more dishes to compliment their Chicken and to offer more choices their loyal clients.

I would like to apologize in advance, I was able to try these items but I had them for take out. When I got home they are not pretty anymore.. compelled to use stock photos instead.. 🙂

Manangs Chicken

manangs poster bg(10-17)  manangs poster bg(10-17)

This Garlic Pork Rice was huge and at the same time, the rice serving was supersized. I was so full after finishing this. The boneless crispy pork was really flavorful. I love the garlic bits on top but what I am not diggin’ was the sauce.. it was a vinegar dip. I think, it would be more appealing to more people if it was something saucy and sweet like a teriyaki sauce or something similar.

The macaroni salad was delicious, although the serving could be bigger. The regular serving was so small I think there was only around a 2 tablespoons of salad in there.

manangs poster bg(10-17)  manangs poster bg(10-17)

manangs poster bg(10-17)

Last but not the least, Manang’s Red Velvet Sundae. At first I thought that this was all ice cream buy the moment you sink that spoon into the cup, you will realize that the bottom part was really a cake. The combination was really something. It was not too sweet as I was expecting, just perfect! I really recommend that you try this one, although, I believe that this is available in selected branches only and for a limited time.

Of course.. they still serve my all time favorite soy-garlic chicken. 🙂

manangs poster bg(10-17)

Now, I’m starving again… Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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