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Gelatissimo Café | The Home of Great Gelato!

Gelatissimo Café, The Real Taste of Italia
Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Makati City
(Near GB5 entrance connected to the Makati Walk-Way)

Price: 1 Scoop (or Small Cup) P110
Service: Self Serve, Very Friendly Staff and Crew
Serving: Slightly smaller than your regular scoop of Ice Cream
Must Try: Chocolate Truffle!!


Summer is Here!! And when it is scorching hot outside, there is no better way to beat the heat than eating your favorite Ice Cream. But if you are tired of the same old ice cream flavors or you are looking for a somewhat healthier alternative, you have to try Gelatissimo.

The first branch of Gelatissimo in the Philippines is located in Cebu City. Now they opened up a new store in Greenbelt 5. Gelatissimo is originally from Australia and later on, branches and franchises were opened in the Philippines as well as in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Gelato is Italian Ice Cream. It is considered healthier than the usual ice creams since it has less fat and less sugar – But still tastes great. It also comes in different flavors, mostly Gelato’s have more flavors than the regular ice cream. It even comes with some exotic flavors like Guava and Passion Fruit!

Gelatissimo101 Gelatissimo97 Gelatissimo98 Gelatissimo99

Gelatissimo Cafe offers a spacious dining area for you and your friends to hang out and try the different flavors of their Gelato.

TIP: One of the hardest thing to do in Gelatissimo is choosing from the wide array of flavors they offer. If you cannot decide on which flavor to buy  (I am sure you’ll have a hard time), you can try them first before buying, you can ask one of the friendly crew for a sample of the flavor you want to try.

Now, Here’s what you have been waiting for… The Flavors of Gelatissimo.

Gelatissimo94 Gelatissimo46 Gelatissimo47 Gelatissimo48 Gelatissimo49 Gelatissimo50 Gelatissimo51 Gelatissimo52 Gelatissimo53 Gelatissimo54 Gelatissimo55 Gelatissimo56 Gelatissimo57 Gelatissimo58  Gelatissimo60 Gelatissimo61 Gelatissimo62 Gelatissimo63  Gelatissimo65 Gelatissimo66 Gelatissimo67 Gelatissimo68 Gelatissimo69 Gelatissimo70 Gelatissimo71 Gelatissimo72 Gelatissimo73 Gelatissimo74 Gelatissimo75 Gelatissimo76 Gelatissimo77 Gelatissimo78

I bet you are already salivating Seeing those wonderful flavors.

Among those flavors, my favorite and one of the best seller of Gelatissimo. The chocolate truffle.

Gelatissimo29  Gelatissimo31   Gelatissimo34 

By the way, aside from the Gelato in a cup or in a cone, they also serve other products like cheesecakes (which I have yet to try) and brownies which look so moist.

Gelatissimo83 Gelatissimo84 Gelatissimo85 Gelatissimo88

Since it is a cafe, they serve cofee and they also, mix up some amazing desserts like sundaes, shakes, and banana splits

Here is the Menu and Sizes of Gelatissimo Greenbelt.

 Gelatissimo41 Gelatissimo42  

Gelatissimo04   Gelatissimo07Gelatissimo45     Gelatissimo104 Gelatissimo112Gelatissimo105 Gelatissimo106 Gelatissimo107 Gelatissimo108 Gelatissimo109 Gelatissimo110 Gelatissimo111

Thank you to the wonderful Gang of Gelatissimo Greenbelt for allowing me to take pictures around the store! 🙂 See you again Soon! :p


If ever you pay a visit, don’t forget to ask for a Gelatissimo “That’s Amore” Card. You will get a free scoop of gelato on your 7th order.. 🙂

Gelatissimo38 Gelatissimo39

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂



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