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Lunch at Café Mediterranean

Café Mediterranean, Rockwell
Rockwell Bus. Center, Makati City
(02) 238.0517

Cafe Mediterranian02 Cafe Mediterranian01

Cafe Mediterranean is my go-to place if I am craving for some, you guessed it, Mediterranean food. The food is great and the price err.. reasonable not to expensive yet not cheap either. You should be prepared to spend around 400-500 for a meal. Good thing, I always end up super full after dining at Cafe Med. “Sulit na din!” My Personal Favorite – Moussaka and Chicken Kebab + lots and lots of their sauce.

Cafe Mediterranian07

Their Stores are of course Mediterranean Inspired. There are a lot of patterns and the color is predominantly white with a splash of loud colors here ad there.

Cafe Mediterranian09  Cafe Mediterranian05 Cafe Mediterranian06 Cafe Mediterranian08

Now for the rest of the Food..

Their dishes can be served with Pita Bread, Buttered Rice, or Couscous.

Cafe Mediterranian19

Lamb Stew with Couscous P350.00

I am not a fan of Lamb… I was not able to try it. So I guess, this taste like beef Caldereta? :p

Cafe Mediterranian10

Sampler 5 P240.00

A little bit of everything – the good stuff… A great way to start your meal.

Cafe Mediterranian11

Moussaka With Pita Bread P190.00

I fondly call this eggplant lasagna! OMG! I hate eggplants but I love this! Its like I hate liver but I love liver spread! This dish is so cheesy good, you won’t even notice that it is actually made of eggplants!

Cafe Mediterranian12

Greek Salad P195.00

 Cafe Mediterranian14

Chicken Kebab with buttered rice P270.00

Pardon the blurredness. This is one good dish! Every bite is full of flavor especially with lots of sauce and the chopped green stuff on the side… the minced leaves. Good Good Good! I always end up ordering an extra rice with this dish!

Cafe Mediterranian16

Beef Kebab with Buttered Rice P270.00

Still very flavorful but most of the time I find the beef a little bit tough.. that is probably why I love the Chicken Kebab More.

Cafe Mediterranian17

Moroccan Fish Fillet with Pita Bread P235.00

Fried Dory – That’s it.

Cafe Mediterranian13

Cafe Mediterranian18

Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Style with buttered rice P220.00

Another good chicken dish! I love the skin part. It is very juicy and flavorful. It was a bit spicy which is good.

Cafe Mediterranean Philippines Menu

Cafe Mediterranian04  Cafe Mediterranian Menu01 Cafe Mediterranian Menu02

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂


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