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Tired of eating the same food for lunch over and over again? You better check this out!

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)
BF Homes, 1120 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: 0917.810.0110 | 964.4029


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If you are tired of eating the same boring food for lunch over and over again? We’ll this is your lucky day! Introducing Almost Gourmet or ALGO for short. ALGO is a home-based food delivery service which offers freshly cooked, healthy, inexpensive and delicious packed meals delivered at your doorstep. It is the perfect alternative to your everyday meals, may it be Lunch, Snack, Dinner or even a party!

ALGO has a wide variety of delicious dishes to offer. They have Italian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and a whole lot more! They serve solo meals and group meals. They even deliver cook-it-yourself Aussie Steaks and Chicken Tenders! For just a minimum purchase of P500, ALGO delivers for free to Q.C., Pasig,  Mandaluyong, San Juan, Taguig and Makati.

Lunch time again at the office? Not a problem! You can order a meal for the day, for the week or even for a month. Their menu changes every week so you’ll never get tired of their dishes. If you are sick and tired of eating in your cafeteria everyday, then you better try this one out.

How it Works? Simple!

  1. Check their Menu for the Week
  2. Give them a call or send an email for your orders.
  3. Wait for your orders to be delivered fresh daily
  4. Pay for your orders
  5. Repeat!

Now the food.

The food will be delivered by ALGO’s friendly delivery guy at your home or office at your preferred time. Your meals are neatly packed in a sealed microwavable container for easy storage, transportation and re-heating. Mine arrived exactly during my lunch break! Perfect Timing!

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)01

Utensils are included in the package, also, it has an attached re-heating instruction for your meal so you’ll have a hassle free lunch or dinner!

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)09

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)03

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)04

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)05

When my meal arrived, it was still warm so I did not bother reheating it.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)06

Meat & Spinach Lasagna Combo P140.00

This was a great tasting lasagna. The noodles were perfectly cooked. It was meaty and the sauce was very thick flavorful.  You can taste the spinach in every bite but its flavor is still very subtle. Hiding the veggies inside the lasagna is a great idea is you are not a veggie lover like me. If I may suggest, please add more cheese toppings. 🙂  If you love pasta, you have to try this.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)07

Cheese-Filled Hamburger Steaks w/ Mashed Potatoes P140.00

I tried the mashed potato first and it was delicious. It was creamy and flavorful. You can still feel some potato bits in every bite. The burger was good as well, although it was not heavily seasoned, you can really taste the beefy goodness in the patty. The mushroom gravy was perfect for this dish, in itself there was nothing special with the gravy but together with the mashed potato and the burger, it was a great combination.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)08

Grilled Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce on White Rice P135.00

If you love teriyaki you’ll love this. The grilled chicken fillet was perfectly cooked. The flavor goes down deep into the meat. You can really taste the “grilled/smoked” flavor of the chicken. Although it would be better with a little bit more sauce on the side.

ALGO frostbites are cook it yourself steaks and chicken sticks. For the steaks, they have Aged and Seasoned Australian Steaks available in T-Bone, Prime Rib, Rib-Eye. For the chicken sticks, they have Herbed Parmesan Chicken Sticks which are available in both dark and white meat. These frozen goodies are delivered to you frozen and neatly packed.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)02

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)11

The Frozen Steaks and Chicken Strips are delivered sealed.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)12

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)23

The steak comes with a mushroom gravy and the chicken comes with a mayo dip. The package also has an attached cooking instructions on how to prepare your ALGO Frost Bites.

I prepared the steaks in 2 slightly different ways, first is with oil and the second is without. There was no major difference in the final product though.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)13

Thaw and Pat Dry the Steak…

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)15

Pan-Fry.. Too bad we don’t have this stove-top grill at home.. that would have been better.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)16

After a few minutes some fat will come out… Juicy!

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)19

This is the one with less oil..

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)17

I like my steak well-done. I am not a fan of raw meats.. According to the instructions, well-done is 5-6 minutes on each side.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)18

After 5 minutes or so..

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)22

Here are the finished products with the mushroom gravy which I reheated in the microwave. The taste? To be honest I am not a huge steak fan, I like ribs more. I know very little about steaks. But what I can say is the meat was very tender considering that It was cooked well-done. The meat was mildly seasoned, you can still taste the goodness of the beef. Over all, it was good! This 2-piece steak is Half a Kilo so that only cost P325! That’s P162.50 per piece! Who says you cant afford to eat steak everyday? It was like eating on a restaurant (less the ambiance) on a super cheap price tag!

The chicken strips is more straight forward. Just fry and you are done!

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)24

This is a half kilo pack as well, there were around 12-15 chicken strips in the bag.

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)25

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)26

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)27

Almost Gourmet (ALGO)28

The chicken was delicious. It was crispy and you can really taste the cheese and herbs in the breading. The generous serving of mayo-something dip was also perfect! This is a perfect baon  for your kids! And a perfect quick fix meal! For only P275/half kilo this is a meal good enough for a small family.

We’ll there you have it. A great alternative to your everyday meals! If you live a busy lifestyle, don’t know or don’t have time to cook, we’ll you better call ALGO now to order and schedule your food delivery!

Thank you Joyce of ALGO For the Samples!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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