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Wing Hub at Metrowalk

Just a quick post in between my Marina Bay Sands Review Series..

We were in Metrowalk Ortigas last night and we were looking for a place to eat. There were the bars, there was Starbucks, but this brightly-lit establishment caught our attention – Wing Hub. Like I said the place looks new, brightly lit, and clean. There were bouquets on the entrance… Hmm this place must be new. We walked in, asked a waiter, and true enough it was only their second day.

Wing Hub01

The place was nice and clean. The highlight of the design was the big plane hanging on the ceiling.

Wing Hub02

Wing Hub03

Wing Hub04

There was not much in the menu. Just the Wings and a few other dishes like spaghetti and fish and chips. Time to eat!

Wing Hub07

We ordered Wings (of course) – 3 out of the 8 available flavors. Garlic Parmesan, Taiwanese, and of course Buffalo Wings. We also ordered rice and spaghetti on the side..

Wing Hub06

First was the Garlic Parmesan P195 (3pcs) + additional 10 pesos for this flavor.

Before anything, they have 2 kinds of dip, garlic mayo and bleu cheese. The dip does not come free with the wings. You have to pay P65 for it. I am not sure about the other wing shops but this is the first time that I experienced this.

Anyway, moving on to the wings, the garlic parmesan was pretty good. It was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The wings were not that big though not that small either. Just the right size.. But it will surely look small if compared to Don Henrico’s Famous Buffalo Wings. Moving back, once you bite into it, you can really taste the parmesan and garlic, but together with the breading, it becomes a bit salty. Maybe a little rice will help..

Wing Hub09

Next was the Taiwanese Flavor P195 (3pcs)

Sweet, Nutty, Gingery – it tastes just like advertised. This flavor is something new. I love it.

Wing Hub10

Now, We saved the best for last, the classic Buffalo Wings P195 (3pcs)

Honestly, we were a bit disappointed with the Buffalo Wings. We were expecting this to be the best among the 3 but we were wrong. I don’t know, it did not taste like the buffalo wings that we were expecting. I think this was a recipe different from the classic? I am not sure… It was spicy, sweet, a bit sour, but not tangy. Don’t get me wrong, the flavor is OK its just that, for us, we did not experience classic the Buffalo Wing Taste that we used to love.

Among the Three, I enjoyed the Taiwanese Flavor.

Wing Hub08

The spaghetti was ok. It was meaty but not that flavorful. The serving was good enough to share between 2 people if you will still eat wings. The price? In their menu, there is no separate entry for the spaghetti. You may order Spaghetti with Chicken Tenders for P225. Last night, they ran out of chicken tenders and the waiter informed and asked us if it was ok. We said ok, just give us the spaghetti, we have the wings anyway. When we got the bill, the price of the spaghetti was still P225. So we asked if why were we charged for the whole amount when in fact there was no chicken tenders. Don’t you have a separate price for the spaghetti? So the waiter asked someone (I’m not sure if it was his manager) then he returned to us and said “sir less 25 pesos daw po pag walang chicken tenders”. With a smile, jokingly but half-meant with a hint of sarcasm that was involuntary I said, “ahh ok 25 lang? so 200 yung spaghetti na yun? pero sige ok na yun”. So the waiter, who apparently was able notice, went back to revise the bill and talked to his manager again. When we the bill arrived, they slashed 10% off on the total bill instead of the P25 that he mentioned earlier. I felt guilty, but nevertheless we paid for the discounted amount. Since they were new, maybe they really don’t have a separate price for the spaghetti yet. My Apologies.

If you are in Ortigas and want to try Wing Hub, they are located in Metrowalk.

Here is Wing Hub’s Menu:

Wing Hub Menu

Wing Hub Menu

Bottomline, you cannot go wrong with wings. You just have to find the right flavor for your taste 🙂

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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  1. we tried wing hub last night and for me all the 3 flavors i tasted was perfect…garlic parma was great the saltyness was from the parma cheese…taiwanese was also perfect… buffalo and thai was also unique and flavorful…we also tried the fish and chips and tandoori wrap it was also great.. i talked with the waiter who owns it and googled their names and they were award winning chefs Humphrey navarrro and manoj De Silva and Andrew wijangco who also owns Bertings grill were they serve perfect lechon manok…i guesss what this resto makes great is them cheers

  2. it looks like a buffalo wing place wannabe. buffalo wing sauce should NEVER look that dark. and it is NEVER sweet. and taga naman ang presyo! You're better off with the prices over at Buffalo Wings n Things (also in Home depot, there's also one in BF homes) or Flaming wings. Kung almost 200 din lang for 3 pcs of wings, ako na lang nagluto sa bahay! Also, in Salcedo market there's a chicken wing place whose buffalo wing sauce is the right color of orange and is TO DIE FOR (take my word for it, it really tastes like the Buffalo wing sauce in NY)

    I think the 10% off is justified, kasi hello, bakit 25 pesos lang yung chicken tenders? and the fact na parang nangangapa pa sila sa price… and that taga pa yung presyo for the flavor of the food… baka with the 10% off that probably still costs higher than what the food should really be worth.

    Thanks for this review! I was contemplating whether to buy some vouchers for this place on ensogo and now I just decided my money's not worth it 🙂

  3. i guess you havent been to the place… thats 3 pcs WHOLE WINGS…. they dont cut it in the middle and it says in ensogo its 100g grams each wing…eat and try it first boyyyy

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