Finally! A Roasted Chicken Better than Kenny Rogers’ Classic!

A better roasted chicken is in town! That’s right! And where can you get one? At your favorite Kenny Rogers Restaurant!

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 06

I’m sure you have seen some billboards around the metro, but if not, let me tell you that Starting last 15 November 2011, All 41 Kenny Rogers Branches here in the Philippines will offer their newest Honey to the Public. The new Kenny Rogers’ Honey Roast Chicken. Before anything else, I will be telling you this early.. It does not only LOOKS GOOD, It TASTES GOOD! Really! And to make it Merrier, they also launched 4 new side dishes to match!

Known for consistently innovating and creating ways to delight guests, the leading roasted chicken restaurant in the Philippines offers not just one but five new products that guarantee a memorable dining experience – a testament to Kenny’s brand promise to provide not only tasty but healthy food choices.

First among the list is Kenny’s Honey Roast Chicken, a mouth-watering, juicy, and perfectly roasted chicken infused with honey and maple. This new chicken flavor is served with Kenny’s own honey-garlic sauce and a definite palate pleaser. Now, you have more than one reason to enjoy roasted chicken at Kenny Rogers!

The new ‘honey’ in the menu can be ordered a la carte at only P399 for a whole chicken. Or it can be enjoyed with Kenny’s Solo Plates, Healthy Plates, Combo Meals and Group Meals.

“With the introduction of the Honey Roast Chicken we are raising the bar in healthy eating. It’s our commitment to provide valued guests with smart and unique offers that are truly delicious but not heavy on the budget,” says Meggie Bolinao-Jose, Kenny Rogers’ Marketing Director.

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 07

Note: Contrary to the popular belief, this is NOT just a Christmas Offering. Although it can actually replace your favorite ham in your Noche Buena table. They will be offering this until next year and depending on the demand, they might just make it a permanent part of their extensive healthy menu.

As for the price,It is the same as the Classic Roast.

The Choices Just Keeps on Coming!

The match between the side dishes and Kenny’s chicken is spot-on. The ‘love affair’ is bound to last for a long, long time.

With that perfect pairing, four new hot side dishes are bound to keep Kenny’s roasted chicken in good company – Garlic Parmesan Green Beans, Sour Cream and Chives Potatoes, Turnip Salad and Aglio Olio – sides guaranteed to whet more guests’ appetite.

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 05

Garlic Parmesan Green Beans is steamed fresh green beans tossed in garlic butter sauce, and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 03

While Sour Cream and Chives Potatoes are baked marble potatoes coated in sour cream and chives butter mix.

This is my favorite among these 4 new side dishes. If I were to describe it, it was like eating a healthy version of my favorite Pringles Sour Cream and Potato Corner Sour Cream Fries! It was very flavorful! 🙂 I hope they offer a bigger (Family Serving) of this side dish! It was that good, I probably ate around 1 kilo of potato that night! 🙂

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 02

Bound to be a cult favorite, Aglio Olio is perfectly cooked pasta with an olive oil based sauce, with garlic bits and chopped olives lending their distinct flavor.

This pasta is light and has a delicate flavor. It is a perfect pair to your Honey Roast Chicken!

“One of the best compliments we received was from a guest who said that pairing the roasted chicken with a side dish is a ‘happy problem’. Kenny Rogers dining is about being exciting and full of choices,” muses Meggie.

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 04

At Kenny Rogers Roasters, cold side dishes are also “hot” items because of their popularity. The new Turnip Salad – a light salad made with crunchy turnip strips, carrots, cucumber, and red cabbage tossed in a sweet and tart mango dressing – will soon be one of them.

Kenny’s news side dishes can be ordered a la carte in regular or large sizes, or matched with your favorite Solo, Grilled or Healthy Plates and Group Meals.

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 08

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 10

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 11

Expect more exciting offers from Kenny Rogers Roasters. “We guarantee guests would enjoy our new products. There’s more coming out of our kitchen soon. Being innovative is in our DNA,” ends Meggie.

Bottomless Rice Please!

Let me reiterate, it is that good! The refillable sauce is perfect! Although the chicken is already good on its own,if you pair it with the sweet honey sauce, it becomes the ultimate (sweet) roast that you will ever try!

For more details, log on to or call 533-8888 for delivery.

PS: If you are looking for a Healthy Desert after your Meal, their Froyo is still Available! 🙂

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 12

Kenny Rogers Honey Roast 13

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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