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Superb Accommodations at Tune Hotels Downtown KL

Tune Hotels Downtown Kuala Lumpur (KL)
316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tune Hotels Downtown KL4

I have been an avid fan of these low cost, limited service type hotels for quite some time now. I love our very own Go Hotels of course as well as Tune Hotels. These hotels really cuts away a big chunk of your budget that’s supposed to go to accommodations. They are great for local travel but they really make a lot of difference when travelling internationally where the accommodations are really quite expensive. I also recently learned that there are Tune Hotels in London! Hmmm.. I just have to save up for the plane tickets then! 🙂

I think this Video Explains it all. High Quality Basics + Optional Add-Ons = Happy Traveler!

By: Tune Hotels

Now that I have made my point again. Time to go back to my review of Tune Hotels KL.

Tune Hotels Downtown KL is conveniently located at the heart of the city. It is situated just 4 Kilometers from the Sentral Station, around 2KM from KLCC (Where the Petronas Twin Towers is Located) and a few meters from the Monorail Station.

Sentral to Tune

Tune to KLCC

Tune Hotels Downtown KL1

Tune Hotels Downtown KL2

Tune Hotels Downtown KL3

I only have good words to say about this hotel. My stay was super pleasant and hassle free. If I had to find some flaws, the were probably only 2 things that I did not enjoy during my stay. First was the shower. It was just too small, you can’t even turn round without tucking in your arms on your side. If I had been bigger, I will have to squeeze in the shower like cork and get stuck! It was a shower made for petite people. Big boned people… beware! Second was the elevator, It was really old and clunky. It probably came with the building but they should have upgraded it. But like I said these are just minor issues for me. The most part was great!

  • Amazing Location
  • Super Clean
  • Well Maintained
  • Hassle Free Check In and Check Out
  • English Speaking Staff
  • There’s a Ceiling Fan (I like breezy rooms)
  • Rooms have Windows
  • Nice and Clean Towels
  • Great Bed and Pillows
  • There is a 7-11 and a Restaurant Downstairs
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Honest Housekeepers (I know that this should always be the case but I just want to highlight the fact that I just left my stuff out in the open and when I leave the hotel and nothing happened)
  • Universal Sockets inside the room
  • Super Cheap Rates!! The last minute rate was just MYR92 (~Php1,200)
  • Option for Late and Super Late Check out! Perfect for Late Flights! Just pay an additional MYR15 (~Php198) for 2PM Check Out or MYR25 (~Php328) for 6PM Check Out!
  • Wi-Fi was so-so, barely enough for browsing the web. You need to get your Wi-Fi vouchers from the front desk. One voucher per day.



Now for a photo tour of the rest of Tune Hotels Downtown KL:

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 01

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 02

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 03

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 04

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 05

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 06 Tune Hotels Downtown KL 07

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 08 Tune Hotels Downtown KL 09

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 10 Tune Hotels Downtown KL 11

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 12 Tune Hotels Downtown KL 17

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 13

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 14

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 15 Tune Hotels Downtown KL 16

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 19

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 20

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 21

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 22

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 23

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 24

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 25

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 26

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 28 Tune Hotels Downtown KL 29

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 30

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 31

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 32

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 33

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 34

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 35

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 36

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 37

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 38

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 39

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 40

Tune Hotels Downtown KL 44

Low Cost Airlines + Low Cost Hotels = FUN! Just like Go Hotels is under the same company as Cebu Pacific, Tune Hotels is under the same company as Air Asia. So if you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur, keep this affordable option in mind. Or better yet, just go with it. You wont be disappointed. Tune Hotels will save you a lot of money from accommodations… That’s more money for Shopping!

Shopping Tip:

  • If you like Nike Shoes, there’s great outlet store inside Genting Highlands Amusement Park. They offer super great deals. I was able to buy a new Lunarlon Running shoes for only 2,700 pesos. The same shoes was sold for 6,400 pesos back in Manila. 🙂 Most of the sale items are in big sizes though ~ size 10up!
  • Buy Malaysian Milo 3 in 1! They taste so much better than the ones sold here in Manila
  • Oldtown White Coffee is really good as well stack up on that
  • And lastly… Milo Nuggets!! Milo Powder covered in Chocolate! I wish I bought more of these!!

Milo Nuggets

Next time I will share to you the main reason why I went to KL… Indoor Skydiving! 🙂

For DENCIO.COM’s review of Tune Hotels Manila, Click HERE!

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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