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Tune Hotels Manila: How to Book a Room Online!

Before I show you the rooms I’d like to give you a quick guide on how to book a room online.


Like most hotels, booking a room for Tune Hotels is Done Online. Actually, They discourage (or do not accept) over the counter bookings. All bookings must be done online. And just like any other hotels, it is very straight forward apart from some unique questions that you only encounter in booking budget hotel. Read more to see what I am talking about.

Step 1 – Go to http://www.tunehotels.com/ and choose your hotel and dates on the left side portion.

Tune Booking Step 1[3]

Step 2 – Select Your Room type (Technically there is only one room type, you only get to choose the bed set-up. The choices are Double, Twin, or Single*). Like booking an airline ticket, the prices displayed are just the Base prices taxes and other stuff excluded.

*available in some countries

Tune Booking Step 2[2]

Step 3 – Choose the number of Occupants (max of 2 pax)

Tune Booking Step 3[2]

Step 4 – This is the fun part! Options and Choices! You only pay for what you actually need or use! Go ahead, be creative! 🙂 Everything is metered, including the Air conditioner!

Tune Booking Step 4[2]

Step 5 – You get the Total Price! Super Cheap!!

Tune Booking Step 5[2]

Step 6 – Payment. They accept Credit Cards and Surprisingly – PAYPAL! Which is very safe and preferred by notorious online shoppers!

Tune Booking Step 6[2]

Step 7 – Fill out the Guest Details, Conform to the Terms and Conditions, then Complete the Booking.

Tune Booking Step 7

Step 8 – Your Payment will be processed.

Tune Booking Step 8[2]

Step 9 – Booking Complete, Print Stuff, Check Email

Tune Booking Step 9

Step 10 – Manage your booking online (as needed).

Tune Booking Step 10[2]

When I was booking this room, I also checked Go! Hotels to see the price difference on the same date. Note that go hotels still offers un-metered air-conditioning. 🙂

Tune Hotel’s Price (12H Aircon) P1,143.24
Go Hotels’ Price (Unli Aircon) P1,778.56

That is approximately 56% price difference or P633.32! (Of course you have to factor in your location). But still, comparing their regular rates still shows a big difference in the price.

Tune Hotel Vs Go Hotel Rates

The same process also applies for Go Hotels booking, its just that, they wont ask how may hours of Air-conditioning you’ll need! 🙂 If the trend is going in this direction, don’t be surprised if the next time you book a hotel room, they will ask how many liters of water you will need to flush, shower, and brush your teeth! Hahahahaha! :p

My next post will be the Room(s). Stay Tuned!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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