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Maty’s Tapsilog

My favorite Tapsilog in the whole wide world!

I still remember, back in college we used to drive to Dongalo Paranaque from Dasmarinas Cavite just to eat at Maty’s! It was so good, and Still is… Although the place was not that fancy… no fancy presentation, fancy restaurant.. but the food was great. Even if the place is located right along the highway…

Few years back, thankfully, Maty’s opened their Molino Branch! Yahoo! And as expected, I am one of their loyal customers!

The Taste, Quality, and Presentation (if there’s one) is the same as their Dongalo Branches!

Maty’s is an Excellent Example that Great Food Need not Be expensive… 🙂

Maty's D' Original

 Utensils and Condiments Sari-Sari Stuff...  Free SAbaw!  

I don’t exactly know what’s in this soup… it taste different every visit :p Hmmm…


Their Super Famous Tapsilog… I like the egg – Well Done!

Wanna Know A little Secret? (actually not a secret anymore to Maty’s Fanatics) but the secret to their succulent, very tender, and super flavorful Tapa is the Meat itself… it is Horse Meat.. yeah! Kabayo Sya! 🙂

At first when I heard about the meat… I was so surprised! What?! I have been eating horsemeat all along?!! but what the heck… It is still good! :p

That is why no other Tapa comes close to the Flavor of Maty’s… :p


Lucky Me!

Another Maty’s best seller is their bar-b-q however, we were there early in the morning, that is why the the bar-b-q and the grill was still being prepared :p

Their Menu…


Their Tapsilog is A must Try! So Go, visit a branch nearest you! :p

Next Target… DB Tapsilog :p


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

Originally Posted On: www.DENCIO.com

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  1. Ewww… Kahit anong sarap pa sya di ako kakain ng horse meat. Buti nalang nakita ko to. Next time tatanungin ko munta kung anong meat yung tapsi na kakainin ko.

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