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Crave Burger Restaurant

Crave Burger Restaurant BF Resort Las Pinas
Sidanza Bldg. Editha Vital Corner Gloria Diaz Streets.
BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City
(02) 871.1272

Crave Burger01

There are a lot of Burger Places opening up in the Metro Now. All trying to offer something different and getting a share of the Burger Loving Market. And Now Here’s another Burger Place that I think is very note worthy. Crave Burger.

 Crave Burger24

Crave burger is conveniently (for me) located in BF Resort Las Pinas. Since the place is located in a residential area, the ambiance of the place was very relaxed and laid back. Very homey. It is a really good place to hang out with friends while enjoying their sumptuous burger!

Crave Burger Las Pinas Offers both Smoking and Non-Smoking Areas. The place was very clean and the staff were very helpful and friendly. They also have free WIFI for all their Clients. A speedy connection I must say…

Crave Burger25

Crave Burger09 Crave Burger04 Crave Burger05 Crave Burger06 Crave Burger07 Crave Burger08

Now the Burgers. Their Menu is short and simple. Everything you need to enjoy your burger craving is available. And the Burger… Very Good!

 Crave Burger10

Red Iced Tea and Blue Lemonade Php 45.00

Crave Burger11

Twister Fries P85.00

Crave Burger12 Crave Burger13

Crave Cheese Burger (Single Patty) Php 140.00

Crave Burger14 Crave Burger15

Crave Double-Double Burger (2 Patty and 2 Cheese)  Php 195.00

Crave Burger16 Crave Burger17

Chicken Wings 5pcs (HOT) Php 225.00

Crave Burger18 Crave Burger19 Crave Burger20 Crave Burger21

They also Serve FIC products inside the store.

The Burger… Very Juicy and Flavorful. I decided not to compare their burger with the others, but on its own, it is a very good burger. The patty is pan-grilled making it very juicy since the flavor and the juices of the beef are locked inside. The Fries.. Very McDo Like, which is good! By the way, they call their fries skinny fries not because it is thin or skinny but because it has its skin on. 🙂

Crave Burger Menu

Crave Burger23 Crave Burger22

Crave Burger Franchise Info

Crave Burger29 Crave Burger26 Crave Burger27 Crave Burger28

Overall.. Crave Burger is another Noteworthy Burger Restaurant. They did not aim for the Biggest or the Fanciest but they just focused on what is Important. The Taste, Quality, and The price. Which I find very reasonable! I would not say that this will be my new favorite or the best out there but  I am sure that I will definitely be visiting this place again and again…

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂


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  1. I love Crave Burger. The idea is so simple, but I like the feeling of eating Crave's burger coz you'll definitely appreciate the yin and yang combination of high quality 100% beef and flavorful spices.Not your typical grilled burger coz it's actually pan-grilled, but it's worth every time and penny.

  2. Tasted the burger of Crave in Bacolod, good thing they have a branch here already, will definitely visit Bf for the burger. the burger patties are juicy and thick, i actually cant finished one double patty burger. one good burger. and worth your every penny =)

  3. Thanks for the review. There's a new branch between the entrances of Tahanan Village and Jackielou-RGV in BF. I was skeptical about trying it but because of this review I will definitely visit the next time I have my burger craving. 🙂

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