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The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH)

My favorite food in the whole wide world is Spaghetti… So there no doubt why I consider this place one of my Home… Hehehe! :p  They serve super delicious pasta dishes at a very affordable prices… My Super Favorite, the Sundried-Tomato-Pesto Pasta with Pepper Crusted Fish Fillet! Super Sarap! And take note, walang meat yun! Healthy pa! Tsaka yung kanilang 4 cheese pizza! sarap din! Hayyy! Most of the time I eat here kapag galing ako sa fasting for a medical exam… Hehehe! :p Saya! :p

Medyo konti lang ang branches nila pero buti na lang meron sa Alabang… sa Festival Mall… Sna nga magkaron sa ATC eh… hehe! :p

The theme of their place is an old rustic house, they have this rust colored iron and wood chairs and doors, old paintings and the place really feels like an old antique house… not very homey for me but very cozy… the waiters are attentive and friendly and the service time is average… around 10-15 minutes… the serving size is normal – Good For ME! Hehehe… actually good for one person, 2 max pero bitin na yun…




Old Stuff

Old Stuff on the Wall...


Mali ang Focus!


Shiny Table

More old Stuff

Reserved for?

Table Setting

Mirror Shot

Eto na ang Foods…

Garlic Bread

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta with Pepper Crusted Fish Fillet P170

My all-time favorite sa TOSH! Super sarap talaga nito! Panalo! :p

No Meat...

Gambasetti P175


Spicy Seafood Pasta!

Pasta pa ulit.. I forgot :p pero may sausage sausage...

My Favorite Pizza Everrr! 4Cheese P195    

Sooo Cheeessssyyy!

Super Delicious, Cheesyy Pizzaahh!

Buffalo Winhs with Bleu Cheese Dip P175 4 pcs


Juicy, Tangy, Saucy Buffalo Wings! Kaso Maliit lang…

Apple Cinammon Cheesecake P155

Sarap talaga ng Cheesecake…

Cheesecake... So Goood! :p

Eto… Lahat ng kinain namin that day was super good… then we saved the we thought the “best for last”. The name was very intriguing, that was the first time I tried this dessert at TOSH. The Fried Spaghetti Funnel Cake with Strawberries and Cream… And then…

Waa… boring! lasang Maruya lang… hehehe! :p kunag yung strawberry, matabang sya pag walang toppings… hehe! may bayad extra strawberry kaya free powdered sugar na lang.. :p

Fried Spaghetti Funnel Cake with Strawberries and Cream P110 

Mukhang Masarap... 

TOSH Menu…



By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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  1. i have tried to eat sa tosh and super sarap… i ussed to ge so valero branch nila infront of bel air post office and the crews and staff are great din.

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