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Sky Experience Adventure: Sky Walk

Another Attraction on Crown Regency’s Sky Experience Adventure is the Skywalk.

Similar to the Edge Coaster, but this one, there is no Ride… Just Walk! ?! Hahaha! :p You will walk on a narrow platform located on the side of the 37th floor of the Building… Supported by Harness of course 🙂

Sky Walk

We tried the Skywalk during the evening for a different experience.
Now here are some things you need to know, do, and don’ts on this ride

  1. Again, Bringing of your own camera is not allowed (a locker will be provided for you) Isang High Tech na Locker! Ididikit Mo lang ang Susi na mukhang Relo Bubukas na! :p
  2. The path is around 75% Stainless steel and the remaining are Fiberglass floor. You cannot see the bottom the whole time!
  3. Try the night view for a change.
  4. You should wear rubber shoes and socks, If you don’t have one, you can rent shoes from them and buy a pair of socks for 20 pesos.
  5. Try to walk along the edges to really “feel” the ride.
  6. Now, TAKE NOTE OF THIS: Since you can’t bring your own camera, they have their official photographer. If you want a copy of your pictures (who would not want?!) you will have to pay Php230 for each Print! Yes Php230 EACH! Surprise! Surprise!
  7. You Also have the option to have the soft-copy of your pictures burned on a CD. It will cost you Php750 per group. That includes all your pictures.
  8. BUT!!! You cannot buy the softcopy only! Yes! You have to purchase a number of Hard Copies for you to avail of the soft copy! On our case, we have to buy 5 prints to get the soft copies. The total amount was 1,700 Pesos! GRABE! Hehehe!
  9. Having said that, you should maximize the photographer, Picture lang ng Picture! :p
  10. The Certificate is FREE! 🙂
  11. You are connected via harness :p
  12. The walk may take several Minutes… MAKE THE MOST OUT OF IT! :p
  13. There are specific stops on the walk where It is best to take some pictures.
  14. They accept Credit Cards as payment for the pictures!
  15. And finally, if you are SICK, Afraid of Heights, etc… Please avoid this! :p
  16. And super finally… if possible… DO NOT EAT before riding… 🙂

For the rates… you may go HERE

High Tech Na Locker!
Sky Walk
I Survived!

Again! Again! I love This Ride! Sana Magkaron Sa Manila! :p

Next Stop… 4-D Theater!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂
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