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Circles Event Cafe Buffet

Circles Event Cafe is Located inside The Makati Shangri La. Circles Event Cafe aka “Circles” for most people offers one of the country’s most sought after Buffet. Technically, in terms of size (and price), it is second to Spiral at Sofitel from Mondays to Saturdays. What about Sundays? For one reason, during Sundays, it becomes a totally different story when Dusit Thani Opens the Doors of its 4 restaurants for your total gastronomic adventure! 🙂 Circles boast a wide range of Delectable meals to satisfy every diner’s cravings. Japanese, Indian, International,  are only some of the stations you can find in their famous buffet line-up.
They serve buffets everyday but during Friday and Saturday nights, they make it extra special. They offer something extra to their standard set. For Friday nights they call it Seafood Night and On a Saturday night, they offer Barbecue Night! Extra food Means Extra Charge Also… Their Friday and Saturday rates are Higher than their Regular Buffets. the food quality and the service was excellent as expected. It was a great dining experience.
BBQ night it is!
A lot was offered that night but I was not able to find one of my buffet favorite treat.. Sukiyaki Soup! SAD! 🙂 But still… there was A LOT more to indulge on! My Favorite? the Pork Roast! Waaahh! So Good!  Smothered with the Red Wine Sauce and eaten with their Mashed Potato! YUM! The BBQ station was also a treat, from sausages to fish to lamb kebabs.
Here are the rest of the Dishes that They offered during that Great Saturday Dinner!
(Prepare your bandwidth, this may take a while :P)
Circles30  Circles13 Circles14 Circles15 Circles16 Circles17 Circles18 Circles19 Circles20 Circles21 Circles22 Circles23 Circles24 Circles25 Circles26 Circles27Circles87 Circles88 Circles89 Circles28 Circles29Circles60 Circles31 Circles32 Circles33 Circles34 Circles35 Circles36 Circles37 Circles38 Circles39 Circles40 Circles41 Circles42 Circles43 Circles44Circles54 Circles55 Circles56 Circles57 Circles58 Circles59Circles90 Circles61 Circles62 Circles63 Circles64 Circles65 Circles66 Circles67 Circles68 Circles69 Circles70 Circles71 Circles72 Circles73  Circles75 Circles76 Circles77 Circles78 Circles79 Circles80 Circles81 Circles82 Circles83 Circles84Circles95 Circles92 Circles93 Circles94 Circles85 Circles86   Circles45 Circles46 Circles47 Circles48 Circles49 Circles50 Circles51 Circles52 Circles53  Circles01 Circles02 Circles03 Circles04 Circles05 Circles06 Circles07 Circles08 Circles09 Circles10 Circles11 Circles12

What a wonderful Meal! I have to Go back Sometime! 🙂

The Price? the regular price for the BBQ night buffet was Php 1,900net but we got a discount courtesy of AMEX Platinum.. We only Paid Php 1,600 per person 🙂 (Which is the price of the regular buffet) I know it is a bit Hefty, but it was worth it! 🙂
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