Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

Located at the corner of Dela Rosa and Perea Street in Makati. Mom and Tina’s offers their clients their famous Home cooked Pastries, Desserts, and other Goodies! 🙂 Originally from Pasig, Mom and Tina’s Branched out in Makati to spread their good home cooked meals!

Mom and Tina's01

The Place was designed as if you are entering someone’s home. It was very HOMEY indeed. The outside looks like a patio and the inside was decorated with home furniture, lights and accessories. The lighting was warm and very cozy. The place was also very quiet despite its location. A great place to talk and eat comfort foods 🙂

Mom and Tina's02
Mom and Tina's03
Mom and Tina's17 Mom and Tina's18 Mom and Tina's19   Mom and Tina's22 Mom and Tina's23 Mom and Tina's24 Mom and Tina's25 Mom and Tina's26  Mom and Tina's28 Mom and Tina's39 Mom and Tina's54

Now the Food.

They have a very extensive Menu. There is something for everyone. The price is ok, reasonable for me but I think it is a bit steep considering that their serving size is not that big. For example, the Pasta dish can only serve 1 person. It was not big enough to share. The service was fast however that day the people were not that friendly. Especially when I asked them what are the available cakes that day. They were a bit reluctant to help out and check. Anyway, everything still ended well.

What I like most was the lasagna, but as I said, the serving was too small for me. Also the burger, surprisingly, it was delicious as well. And for the desserts, I like the Cheesecakes very much. Although I was a bit disappointed because it was not spectacular as I expected it to be. I cannot really say that I am super thrilled with the food. Unfortunately I still have some reservations.

Mom and Tina's40

Strawberry Smoothie P85.00 (Too much Ice)

Mom and Tina's46

Mango Smoothie P85.00 (Full of Ice as Well)

Mom and Tina's47

Lychee Smoothie P85.00 (Again, Lots of Ice)

Mom and Tina's41

Seafood Basil Pasta P225.00

Mom and Tina's42

Salmon and Capers Pasta P180.00

Mom and Tina's43

Free Bread for Every Pasta Dish 🙂 Love This! 🙂

Mom and Tina's44

Their Famous Lasagnas! (Now I know Why! :P)

Above – Meat Lasagna P140.00

Below – Chicken Spinach Lasagna P140.00

Mom and Tina's45 Mom and Tina's48 Mom and Tina's50

Tuna Salad Sandwich P115.00

Mom and Tina's49  Mom and Tina's51

Quarter Pounder Burger Steak with Mashed Potato P195.00

They serve good Burgers! 🙂

Mom and Tina's52

Chicken and Chips P225.00 (Not Cheap!)

Mom and Tina's53

These were the cakes that was available that day…

Mom and Tina's55

Mini Mango Cream Pie P100

Mom and Tina's56

Mini Chocolate Mousse Pie P100.00

Mom and Tina's57

Strawberry Walnut Pie P100.00

Mom and Tina's58

The Famous Oreo Cheesecake P125.00

Mom and Tina's60 Mom and Tina's59

Mini Blueberry Cheesecake P135.00

Mom and Tina's61 Mom and Tina's62

Brazo De Mercedes P35.00 (Too sweet and Too Rich for me.)

Here are the other Items displayed on the shelves that day 🙂

Mom and Tina's04 Mom and Tina's05 Mom and Tina's06 Mom and Tina's07 Mom and Tina's08 Mom and Tina's09 Mom and Tina's10 Mom and Tina's11 Mom and Tina's12 Mom and Tina's13 Mom and Tina's14 Mom and Tina's15 Mom and Tina's16

Mom and Tinas’s Menu

Mom and Tina's29 Mom and Tina's30 Mom and Tina's31 Mom and Tina's32 Mom and Tina's33 Mom and Tina's34 Mom and Tina's35 Mom and Tina's36 Mom and Tina's37 Mom and Tina's38

Overall, eating comfort foods in a Homey Restaurant is a very pleasant experience. If you are looking for something “Home-Cooked” and you are in Makati. You can visit Mom and Tina’s.
I must come back to try their pastries. and the Quiche looks good too…

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂
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