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Breakfast Buffet at Olives Restaurant | Thunderbird Poro Point Dining

It was 6:30AM at Thunderbird Poro Point. What a wonderful Morning! A great view of the sea, Complimentary newspaper hanging on your door, and of course a free breakfast to look forward to. Where you may ask?! Guess!

Where else? But in Olives Restaurant.

Olive's Poro Point Buffet18

Olive's Poro Point Buffet21

Breakfast is really one of my favorite meal of the day that is why whenever I stay in a hotel, I really look forward to it. Making sure Not to Miss it! 🙂

So after some freshening up, we went directly to Olives Restaurant. It was around 7AM the place was starting to get crowded. Compared to lunch, which can be served via room service, for the breakfast, you really have to be at the restaurant since it is a buffet.

Now the Food!

The breakfast was complimentary, if you will pay for it separately (like in day tours) it costs around Php 620 Net. Which I must say is a bit steep considering the size of their buffet.

Their breakfast buffet was small and almost complete. You have your salads, fruits, milk, cereals, rice, viands, soup, omelet bar, coffee, juices, breads, butter and jams… What’s Missing?! PANCAKES!

What?! No Pancakes?! Yes, No Pancakes for that day (I am not sure if they serve them in other days of the week, I sure hope they do).. and It was a Sunday! Sucks right?!

Well moving on.. The food quality was good. I specially love the beef brisket soup and the yoghurt for the fruits! it was perfect. Here are the photos of the buffet.

Olive's Poro Point Buffet02


Olive's Poro Point Buffet03

Juices and Choco Drink

Olive's Poro Point Buffet04


Olive's Poro Point Buffet05 Olive's Poro Point Buffet06

Greens and Fruits

Olive's Poro Point Buffet07

Olive's Poro Point Buffet08

Cheeses and Cold Cuts

Olive's Poro Point Buffet09

Omelet Bar..

Olive's Poro Point Buffet10


Olive's Poro Point Buffet11

Lumpiang Shanghai

Olive's Poro Point Buffet12

Corned Beef

Olive's Poro Point Buffet13


Olive's Poro Point Buffet14


Olive's Poro Point Buffet15 Olive's Poro Point Buffet16

Spanish Sardines

Olive's Poro Point Buffet17  Olive's Poro Point Buffet19

Beef Brisket Soup

Olive's Poro Point Buffet20

Melon and Watermelon Topped with Yoghurt and Strawberry Sauce

Now that is a healthy, good looking, and great tasting dessert!

Well, that concludes my Thunderbird Poro Point Adventure! I hope my posts were helpful in your trip planning! 🙂

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂


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