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The Most Historical Hotel Room in the Philippines – Manila Hotel’s Mac Arthur Suite.

The Manila Hotel
One Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
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100 years ago, the Philippine’s Opened its Very First Five Star Hotel – The Manila Hotel. Since then it has been a symbol of our country’s grandeur, elegance, sophistication and warm hospitality. Even before the international hotel chains opened their hotels in the country, there was already Manila Hotel.

MacArthur Suite 22

One of the distinct things about Manila Hotel is that the Hotel itself is a destination on its own. The Hotel was able to stand the test of time and even though its rooms and facilities have been renovated and upgraded over and over to keep up with the modern time, the Hotel was able to retain its Historical Value and Character which makes it very unique among the other hotels in Manila.

Most of us go to a Five Star Hotel to experience state of the art amenities and facilities. We admire its modern architecture, the high-tech room features and the Modern equipments. We often look at hotels as a place to sleep, leave our stuff, and take a shower. But have you ever thought of looking back? Looking back to the past and ask what it was like and how it looks like back then? Well, There’s still a chance…

Visit Manila Hotel and Travel Back in Time with their Classic Pieces. Upon entry, You will be greeted by their Elegant Lobby, Hard-Wood Ceiling, Giant Chandeliers, and Warm Filipino Hospitality. Now that is just the lobby, wait till you see their rooms.

Manila Hotel Lobby

One of Manila Hotel’s Most Sought after room is the Mac Arthur Suite. It is probably the country’s most historical room ever. Why? Because back then, it serves as General Douglas Mac Arthur’s (“I Shall Return”) Home when he was in Manila. During the World War 2, the Hotel was heavily damaged but Manila Hotel was amazingly able to re-create the look of the room including the some of the original accessories. Most of the accessories in the room are already replicas of the original except for the chairs in the office they were some of the WW2’s few remains that the hotel use until now.

The Mac Arthur Suite Cost $2,500++ per night or Around P107,000++. It has a Masters Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Fully equipped Office, Kitchen and Pantry and a Second Room for Guests. It is fitted with historical artifacts and modern amenities like Key Card Entry, Flat Screen Televisions, Home Theater Systems, Reclining Chairs and iPod Docks. It also has a fantastic view of Manila Bay and a stone throw away to Manila’s Famous Tourist Spots like Quirino Grandstand, Manila Ocean Park and Intramuros and  Rizal Park (Luneta). The room also comes with a dedicated butler service for your utmost convenience.

Now, here is a photo Tour of Manila Hotel’s MacArthur Suite.

MacArthur Suite 01

MacArthur Suite 03

MacArthur Suite 04

MacArthur Suite 05

MacArthur Suite 06

MacArthur Suite 07

MacArthur Suite 08

MacArthur Suite 09

MacArthur Suite 10

MacArthur Suite 11

MacArthur Suite 12

MacArthur Suite 13

MacArthur Suite 15

MacArthur Suite 16

MacArthur Suite 17

MacArthur Suite 18

MacArthur Suite 19

MacArthur Suite 20

MacArthur Suite 21

MacArthur Suite 22

MacArthur Suite 23

MacArthur Suite 24

MacArthur Suite 25

MacArthur Suite 26

MacArthur Suite 27

MacArthur Suite 29

MacArthur Suite 30

MacArthur Suite 31

MacArthur Suite 32

MacArthur Suite 33

MacArthur Suite 35

MacArthur Suite 36

MacArthur Suite 37

MacArthur Suite 38

MacArthur Suite 39

MacArthur Suite 40

MacArthur Suite 41

MacArthur Suite 42

MacArthur Suite 43

MacArthur Suite 44

MacArthur Suite 45

MacArthur Suite 46

MacArthur Suite 47

MacArthur Suite 48

MacArthur Suite 50

MacArthur Suite 51

MacArthur Suite 52

MacArthur Suite 53

MacArthur Suite 54

MacArthur Suite 55

MacArthur Suite 56

MacArthur Suite 57

MacArthur Suite 58

MacArthur Suite 59

MacArthur Suite 60

MacArthur Suite 61

If there is one thing that I think that was not able to keep up was the Bathroom. Yes it was very clean but it was a bit small and the fittings are a bit outdated. I am not sure if these was really part of the plan but for most people they like the bathroom more cozy and spacious. They could have updated the shower heads, the toilets and the faucets. 🙂

Overall, It is a piece of History. You really have to experience it to feel the distinct character and historical value of the Mac Arthur Suite. The Room is absolutely a destination on its own. It was really beautifully different, you’ll feel like you are living in another time and a head of state! BUT let me tell you, If you want to feel like a Head of State, wait till you see their Ginormous Presidential Suite!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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