GO HOTELS: A Place for everyJUAN in Bacolod City

Go Hotels Bacolod
Robinson’s Mall Bacolod, Lacson St. Bacolod City

Go Hotels Bacolod Review 06

Whether you are visiting for Business, Pleasure or to Experience the Famous Masskara festival. Go Hotels Bacolod is a great budget friendly option for your accommodation needs. In my recent Siquijor Trip, we flew in via Bacolod City. On our last day, we stayed at Go Hotels Bacolod before flying back to Manila the next day. We were able to book the hotel one month in advance and we got the room for around P800 only!

Just like it's Siblings Go Hotels Mandaluyong and Go Hotels Dumaguete, Go Hotels Bacolod offers its clients No Frills, Great Deals that most budget traveller needs. The rooms were pretty standard - Go Hotels Standard at least – Basic, Secure, Clean, Convenient and Compact. Although that time, my Friend noticed that the floor is a bit dusty. They must have forgot to mop or sweep the floors that day. Location wise, the place is located beside Robinsons Mall Bacolod along Lacson St. which I think for most people, is relatively far from the city center. If you plan to go to the city center (Market, Church, Plaza) it will be a 3-4KM walk or a Short Jeepney Ride. It has a restaurant and a Spa on the ground floor for your breakfast and massage needs.

This is the first Go Hotel that I actually saw a Hotel Luggage Trolley! :)

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Clean (Except the Floors that day), Secure, Cheap, and relatively convenient! I still love the Orthopedic Pillows and the Rainfall Shower! Another great stay at a Go Hotels Branch! :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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  1. Great! Its really a nice place. Ive been there for a business trip. And galing tlga...Mura and super ganda ng place. Love the fact na its really clean tlga. And the people are very friendly. They also have in Mandaluyong and Tacloban.

    1. Hi Yolanda.. Yes i also been in one of its branches. Tru lahat ng sinabi mo.. And if you book early mas makakamura ka pa. The best yan for family. And suggest ko din yan sa mga nagteateambuilding na company. Di nila mararamdamang tinipid mo sila hehehe apir!

    2. Thanks Guys for dropping by my Blog :)

  2. Cool comments! You delivered everthing right Sir.Dennis.. Im also a fan of go hotels. Pag me trip kami at me go hotels. Dun na talaga. Budget hotel siya pero not like in other countries na parang matchbox sa liit ehe. eto ang cool... hindi ka mukhang nagtipid :)

    1. I am also a fan. Yeah and u are super right. So on books and magz ung ibang budget hotel sobrang tinipid. Pero sa go hotel ang galing lang talaga...

    2. Hi. Yes compared sa ibang budget hotel sing laki lang ng matchbox hehe. Dito room talaga ang tutulugan mo with other things pa na will make ur trip very comfortable. May mga malapit ding resto sure na di ka na lalayo pa. Ung iba malapit din sa airport at mall. if your in a business trip di na masasayang oras mo if gusto mo paraing mag libot. Love it!

  3. Wow very impressive. Nice review. Nakakaakit tuloy. Sure jan nako magbook pag sa next trip namin. Hope that may go hotel sa next summer trip!

  4. Wow, parang ang ganda ganda nga niya. Check ko si Go Hotels website for possible promo.:D

  5. Hi.. Ask lg po pwd ba mgbook online kahit wlang credit card?

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