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Go Hotels! Our Country’s Very Own Budget Hotel.

Go Hotels Philippines
Phone: 0922- GOHOTEL (4646835)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gohotels.ph
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gohotelsph

Go Hotels has been around for a few years now but it was not until recently that I was able to try it. I checked-in on their Mandaluyong Hotel and the experience was surprisingly good!

Go Hotel Cybergate06

A brief background. In the Philippines when we say budget hotel, we immediately think of it as either an old torn-down hotel or a motel which offers “Short Time” Stays. That is absolutely not the case for Go Hotels. Their business model was patterned to the business model used by budget airlines (Go Hotels is a Sister Company of Cebu Pacific Air) which is a Limited Service Model or More of a “Strip Down” or “Back to Basics” Model wherein you only pay for the things or services that you actually use. This hotel concept and business model has been around for quite sometime and is slowly gaining popularity especially to budget conscious travellers.

When people travel, most of the time they are out of their hotel rooms. They are basically out on tours the whole day and just come back to the hotel to sleep, shower, and leave their stuff. So the question is, why would you pay tons of money for the hotel facilities that you don’t even get to use? Makes Sense Right?

Go Hotels’ Amenities are the Basic Amenities you’ll need for a Comfortable and Safe Hotel Stay.

  1. Small Clean Rooms (Good for 2, Twin or Queen, No Space for an Extra Bed)
  2. Nice Clean Shower with Towels, Soap and Shampoo and A Clean Toilet
  3. Free WiFi (Although I found their WiFi Slow and Unreliable)
  4. In-Room Safe and Key Card Entry (for Safekeeping of your stuff)
  5. Friendly Staff and Crew
  6. Great View of The City (Available on Some rooms, Other Rooms have no Windows)
  7. Convenient Location (5-10 Minutes walk to the MRT Station)
  8. Plenty of Water and Individually Controlled Air Conditioner
  9. Comfortable Bed and Pillows, Phone and TV with Cable
  10. Super Affordable Rates!

I heard that other Budget Hotels may charge you for the use of the Air-conditioner but not Go Hotels, at least not for now. The only extra that you my have to pay for are the Toiletries Set and Breakfast.

Here are the Pictures of Go Hotels in Cybergate Plaza in Mandaluyong. Lucky for us, we were able to get the room with a real window and a great view of the Pasig River. We booked this rooms 2 weeks in advance and we got it for only P1,500 per night including Breakfast! Great Deal I must Say! But if you book earlier and if you are able to catch a promo, you may get the room for way less that that amount!

Go Hotel Cybergate01

Their Spacious Check In Counter Resembles the Check In counter in the Airports.

Go Hotel Cybergate02

Go Hotel Cybergate03

Go Hotel Cybergate04

You only get a Small Soap and A Shampoo in the Room so if you need more than that and IF you don’t have a toothbrush on hand, I suggest you buy their optional toiletries set for only P88.00. If you find that expensive, there is a mini-stop beside the lobby and there’s also Robinsons Supermarket (Go Hotels is located beside Robinsons Forum Mall).

Go Hotel Cybergate05

Go Hotel Cybergate07

Go Hotel Cybergate08

Go Hotel Cybergate09

Go Hotel Cybergate10

Go Hotel Cybergate11

Go Hotel Cybergate12

Go Hotel Cybergate13

Go Hotel Cybergate14

Go Hotel Cybergate15

Go Hotel Cybergate16

Go Hotel Cybergate17

Go Hotel Cybergate18

Go Hotel Cybergate19

Aside from their Mandaluyong Branch, Go Hotels can also be found in the Provinces of Palawan, Tacloban, Dumaguete, and Bacolod.

Right now, Only Go Hotels and Tune Hotels (Which I will Review Next) use this business model here in the Philippines. I heard that the SM Group is also Planning to build hotels with similar concept. I am looking forward to having more of these hotels available for both local and Foreign tourists. Tune Hotels (A Malaysian Hotel Chain) has been aggressively expanding in the Philippines, and in Few Months time, they might be able to overtake our Very Own Go Hotels. I hope Go Hotels also has plans of expanding its operations to catch up with the competition and the demand.

Yes there is a demand! Most of time, Go Hotels are Fully Booked. So Book Early! 🙂

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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  1. Considering such ideas is very helpful especially when your travel budget is not that big. It only implies that you can still find areas or ways to save money while spending a vacation. This could include your choice of food,cheap accommodations, vacation rental, car rental and recreation activities.

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