DB Tapsilog…

The quest for the ultimate Tapsilog continues!

This time… DB tapsilog… this place has a lot of branches… they are all over the place… I am sure you have heard or seen one! This one is located at Damarinas Cavite, in front of La Salle Dasma… 12MN and still open… hehe 24/7 nga eh! :p The Tapa is Not as good as Maty’s (bias ako) but is a great alternative to eating Kabayo :p (So far I haven’t heard of any information if their meat is the same as Maty’s) What a perfect place to eat before and after playing counter strike! :p

DB Tapsilog.. 24/7
May Ice Cream Sila...

The Tapsilog is also great but it lacks some distinct flavor (bias nga ko diba?!) but it is still way better as compared to other tapsilogs out there… They have 70grams and 90grams version of this tapsilog… this one was the 90grams version. The rice was not fried on this one.. parang plain rice na binawangan lang! hahaha! :p Naubusan siguro ng Bahaw :p

Zzzziizzling Zizig!

Aside from the Tapsilog, they also serve Sisig… for just P59.. A great deal! (Although I only eat sisig at Dencio’s and Countryside)

Oil = food!

The menu… 

Another must try Tapsilogan… More Branches = More chances of eating!

Next Target, SEX (BF Sinangag Express)

Thanks for Reading! :p
By: Dennis Christian Angulo
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  1. ravi mirabel jr at gmail dot com8:44 AM, May 08, 2009

    Pare, why don't you try the [infamous] Hidden Tapsi in Kawit ?
    malufet din yung tapsi duon !

  2. Pano ko mahahanap yun? Di Ba hidden? Hehehe...

  3. Hi.. do you have any contact number of the owner? I tried the one at salitran, but the number just kept on ringing... Planning to franchise sana. :)

  4. Actually Someone chatted with me and said that he is an owner of DB Tapsilog, but unfortunately I was not able to get his number. But you can visit one of their branch and ask for a contact number. :)

  5. @RAVI: Pare Na-try ko na yung Hidden Tapsi ng Kawit... Will post one of these days... :p Thanks sa Tip...

  6. also, balikbayan[qtv] just recently featured Hidden Tapsi in their show for their Independence Day Episode with Pauline Luna

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