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Red Kimono | Painted Red

While looking for another place in Alabang, we came across Red Kimono and Painted Red in Westgate. These two restaurants are conveniently located in a single establishment. They share the same dining area but have two separate menus.

Sa Labas...

Red Kimono | Painted Red


The Theme of the place was, as expected, a mix of Japanese and Western Designs. The place was predominantly black and red and the Interiors were modern and sophisticated. The waiters were very friendly and attentive, so attentive that they walk over to your table with just an eye contact. :p

They also have this big Red Kimono Painting (not sure) on the wall.

Red Kimono Herself

They have a loft dining area too…

High Ceiling

Red Kimono?! Hehehe...


Now The Food…

I started my meal with a delicious warm Rice Tea.

Rice Tea..

Fruit Shakes P75++

Buffalo Wings 10Pcs P315++

Buffalo Wings = OK…

Gyudon P215++ 

Raw Egg

I did not like this Gyudon… The rice was not hot when it was served, that makes the raw egg taste like raw egg… well, you know what I mean…. :p

Pork Ribs Teriyaki P200++

With Fried Potato Strings

Pork Ribs = Liempo = OK.

Mixed Fried Rice P100++

Prawn Teppanyaki P315++

Chicken Teppanyaki P195++

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza P350++

Philli Pizza  

All Meat Pizza P350++

Red Onions?

Torikatsu P180++

Prawn Tempura Bento P225++


Yakitori P120++

Moving Forward, The Desserts!

Choco Cafe Cake P90++

Chocolate Paradise P120++

Cupcake?! Hehe!

Fried Breaded Banana (Yung Lakatan) Served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate sauce… Too bad the banana was overripe.

Banana Katsu P120++ 

Wait! Baket May Parsley? Pinaparsleyhan ba ang Desserts?! Hehehe…

May Parsely ang dessert...


I do not have much to say about their food. I hate to say this but the food that we tried here was So-So… It wasn’t that bad, it’s just it was not good (Hahahaha! Labo?!) – Edible. I was not able to enjoy my stay because of the food. The place was good as well as the service but the food… It really needs improvement. To think that their price is not that affordable, you could get a better tasting Japanese food for a fraction of their price elsewhere. Desserts?! So-So… sabi nga nung isa kong kasama, parang bakery lang… Hehehe! :p

To be fair, maybe they have better dishes on their menu, we just wasn’t able to try them.

I was not satisfied at all with the food… And to think you have to pay this much? Hehehe! :p

If you like Japanese Food… You may want to check out my post on TEMPURA JAPANESE GRILL or SPIRAL SOFITEL BUFFET where they serve the most amazing Sukiyaki Soup!

Thanks for Reading!

Until Next Time!


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

Originally Posted On: www.DENCIO.com

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