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Ya Kun Kaya Toast

When I went to Singapore 2 years ago, one item that I always eat for breakfast was Kaya Toast. I really loved the taste of it! Kaya is super popular in Singapore and Malaysia, It is served almost everywhere. Kaya is their version of our Coco Jam… Only This one is less sweet but more creamy.
Well Anyway, Last year, when I went to Laoag, I saw Ya Kun Kaya Toast store inside NAIA Terminal 2 (Centennial Terminal). Of course I ate there… and It was really Good! It was very reminiscent of my SG Trip! This time It is time to share the Goodness! :p
Ya Kun Kaya Toast is Singapore’s Most Well Known Coffee Chain Since 1944 (according to their slogan :p) Also, they do not only sell Kaya Toasts but they sell Singapore’s coffee with condensed milk also.. I really like This! I can totally ignore Starbucks for some time for this coffee blend! :p
Now I am back inside NAIA 2 for my trip to Cebu… What a perfect Time to Blog! :p


This Branch is their first branch in the Philippines, they have another at Robinson’s Place Manila.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

They have a special way of Mixing and Pouring the Coffee… (with a smile.. joke! :p)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

See… They do this All the Time! :p (Kahit sa House! Hehe! :p)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

What they offer…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

The Counter, They have a Coffee Mixer, a “Taga Balat ng Boiled Eggs”, and a Cashier…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
The Interior…
Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Wall Decors…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Company History…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

At first I thought that these were Pancake Syrup for the Toasts… But I was wrong! :p
They were Soy sauce, the yellow one was normal soy sauce, the violet one was a sweet and thicker version, very much like (if not the same as) the siopao asado sauce…

It is used to flavor the eggs… which surprisingly, was very good!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This one is the French Toast with Kaya (P75)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This one is Set D… Cheese Toast Set (P175, add 25 to change normal coffee to Iced Coffee)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Set D: Cheese Toast with Kaya, 2 eggs, and a cup of hot coffee, Tea, or bottled water.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

For your eggs, you have the option if you want it Hard-boiled or Soft-Boiled.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This is Set E, Cheesy French Toast Set (P175, add 25 to change normal coffee to Iced Coffee)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Set E: Cheesy French Toast with Kaya, 2 eggs, and a cup of hot coffee, Tea, or bottled water.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This meal is so wonderful! I really Love this… Kaya goes well even with plain toasted bread!
Here are the rest of the menu and Prices…

Menu 1

I recommend buying the set meals… it is cheaper! :p

Menu 2
New Menu

I hope they open more branches across Metro Manila! This place is really a great alternative for Starbucks for Me! I really enjoy eating their delicious Kaya Toasts and Their Coffee!

By the way, they sell Kaya Spread by the bottle too! So you can make one at home! :p

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂
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  1. i was so disappointed with the Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Mall of Asia! the toasts crumbled as i held them, with all the toasted edges falling off, and the soft-boiled eggs were not cooked as i somehow expected, judging from what i had at the Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Hongkong. well, even the coffee that went with the set doesn't even pass my standards. i haven't tried the Ortigas branch, but i am planning to visit when i have time, if only to compare the quality of food with that of the MOA branch. but i promised myself never to go back to that restaurant because it was really a big disappointment.

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