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Buffet at Manila Pen’s Escolta

Escolta, The Peninsula Manila Hotel
Ayala Ave Corner Makati Ave. Makati City
Tel: (02) 887.2888

Manila Pen Lobby Escolta Buffet01

Escolta Manila Pen Buffet Current Prices/Rates/Discounts:

Breakfast Buffet: Php 1,215.92
Dinner Buffet (Monday to Sunday): Php 1,350
Lunch Buffet  (Monday to Saturday): Php 1,250; (Sunday) Brunch Buffet Php 2,300 (Champagnes are served)

If you are a BDO, BPI, Citibank Cardholder, you are entitled to 10-15% discount depending on the card type.

Moving on…

Escolta (formerly Nielsens) is a relatively new buffet hotspot in Makati. Technically, an upgraded version of their previous restaurant. Opened for almost a year now, Escolta, Named after the famous Escolta Street in the city of Manila, offers a unique modern Filipino ambiance to to its clients. The design was very Pinoy, the furniture, the accents and the total ambiance, not to mention the hospitality. The place was big, it has different sections which guest can hold private parties or events.

Escolta Buffet10 Escolta Buffet02 Escolta Buffet03 Escolta Buffet04 Escolta Buffet05 Escolta Buffet06 Escolta Buffet07 Escolta Buffet08 Escolta Buffet09 Escolta Buffet92 Escolta Buffet85 Escolta Buffet86 Escolta Buffet87 Escolta Buffet88 Escolta Buffet89 Escolta Buffet90 Escolta Buffet91

Now the buffet… Honestly, the buffet was quite small. Although I am not that surprised because previously (Nielsens) it was the same scenario. The food were well presented but it did not really hide the fact that the buffet was small. I was particularly disappointed with the carving station, the meat on the buffet was so small!! When I went back for round 2 it was already gone. Also, there was no pasta and pizza.. a basic buffet entry! What I like about the buffet was the dessert bar. The Ice cream was great! But the Chocolate Fountain was a bit boring… the chocolate was not that smooth.

Well, anyway, let us focus on what they have that on what they don’t.. here are the rest of the food that night.

NOTE: Taking Pictures of the Food was not allowed I had to pull some strings to get permission 🙂

Escolta Buffet32 Escolta Buffet11 Escolta Buffet34 Escolta Buffet12 Escolta Buffet13 Escolta Buffet14 Escolta Buffet15 Escolta Buffet16 Escolta Buffet17 Escolta Buffet18 Escolta Buffet19 Escolta Buffet20 Escolta Buffet21 Escolta Buffet22 Escolta Buffet23 Escolta Buffet24  Escolta Buffet26 Escolta Buffet27 Escolta Buffet28 Escolta Buffet29 Escolta Buffet30 Escolta Buffet31  Escolta Buffet33 Escolta Buffet35 Escolta Buffet36 Escolta Buffet37 Escolta Buffet38 Escolta Buffet39 Escolta Buffet40 Escolta Buffet41 Escolta Buffet42 Escolta Buffet43 Escolta Buffet44 Escolta Buffet45 Escolta Buffet46 Escolta Buffet47 Escolta Buffet48 Escolta Buffet49 Escolta Buffet50 Escolta Buffet51 Escolta Buffet52 Escolta Buffet53 Escolta Buffet54 Escolta Buffet55 Escolta Buffet56 Escolta Buffet57 Escolta Buffet58 Escolta Buffet59 Escolta Buffet60 Escolta Buffet61 Escolta Buffet62 Escolta Buffet66 Escolta Buffet63 Escolta Buffet64 Escolta Buffet65  Escolta Buffet67 Escolta Buffet68Escolta Buffet84 Escolta Buffet70 Escolta Buffet71 Escolta Buffet72 Escolta Buffet73 Escolta Buffet69 Escolta Buffet74 Escolta Buffet75  Escolta Buffet77  Escolta Buffet80 Escolta Buffet83

That was it.. Told you it was small.. but nevertheless, the food was great. I personally love the desserts and the quiche.. and to help push down all those sweets, coffee! Brewed using this fancy brass looking espresso machine.. too bad the coffee was too strong for me.. even after using tons of milk, cream, and sugar.. btw, the coffee is complimentary.

Escolta Buffet79 Escolta Buffet81 Escolta Buffet82   

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂


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