Is Your School Bag Ready?

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School will start again soon! The big question is, are you ready? Especially your school bag.

Choosing a bag – especially a school bag – is a bit of a challenge. The kids wants a trendy and stylish bag but the parents want a quality, durable, and most of the time a reasonably priced bag. Well, good thing Hawk Bag is here to the rescue!

Hawk Bags 03

(above: Hawk Bags Concept Store in Market-Market)

Most of us are familiar with Hawk bags. We grew up having hawk bags as our school bags and lunch boxes. Remember these?! The Famous Trolley Bag (Which Doubles as a Chair) and the Oval-Shaped Lunch Box!

Hawk Bags 24

We know how durable and resilient they are! I mean, way back then (err… not really that far away) we used to carry all of our Books and Notebooks to school everyday. Our Hawk Bags were so durable it lasted the entire school year – and in most cases, longer than that. Even before the Imported bags became popular to the Philippines, our favorite, proudly pinoy brand of Bag is HAWK.

End of Nostalgia –

Moving back to the present – Hawk Bag is still offering Durable, Stylish, and Reasonably Priced Bags which are not just catered to students but for Everyone. Apart from sporting a more modern design they have created a line-up of bags which are innovative and very functional. They have bags for Students (Pre-school to College), Professionals (Camera and Laptop Bags) and even Mountaineers (Mountaineering Bags, Yes! they have it now).

Hawk Bags 04

Let’s see more of these bags shall we…

Hawk Bags 02 - Copy

Hawk Bags 05 - Copy

Hawk Bags 30

Hawk Bags 07  

Hawk Bags 08 

Hawk Bags 10

Hawk Bags 11

Hawk Bags 12

Hawk Bags 13

Hawk Bags 14

Hawk Bags 15

Hawk Bags 17

Hawk Bags 25

Hawk Bags 26

Hawk Bags 27

Hawk Bags 28

Hawk Bags 32

Yes I know, some of the Bags’ design Look very familiar. I hope next time they will be creating a new set of design instead of imitating “getting inspiration” from the other brands out there. But on the other hand – you may also look at it as a good alternative to the expensive bags out there for those people who are practical or who simply cant afford the super expensive bags. You get the same functionality for half the price (or more) anyway.

Apart from the “modern design” Hawk Bags also offer some unique innovations which is very applicable to the Philippine Market.

Hawk Bags 01

First is the Extra Padded, sort of a bubble wrap, for your Laptops and Gadgets. If the other bags only offer you sleeves, Hawk Bags offer you extreme protection! Perfect for the Commuters who carry their gadgets around the city.

Hawk Bags 06

Next are the back-pockets – pockets located at the back of your bag for safekeeping of your valuables such as cellphones and wallets. Very Clever! Now, you don’t have to carry your backpacks in front of you!


Hawk Bags 22

Another innovation are for the Kids – school bags now get an additional third pair of wheels! For what? For climbing the stairs. I am not sure how it works (I have not seen it in action) but according to Hawk’s representatives, it actually aids when climbing up and down the stairs with your trolley bag. I guess it is for safety and comfort.

Well there you go! I hope this helps in Making your decision in getting a bag for this school year or for you office notebook or even for your next hike! Aside from the Durability and Reliability, Prices for these bags are very affordable. For most bags, It ranges from P600 to P3,000 only (P6,000 for the Mountaineering Bag). You may get your Hawk Bags from your nearest department store and if you are near the Global City Area, you may Visit their very first Concept Store at Market Market!

Hawk Bags 16

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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7 thoughts on “Is Your School Bag Ready?”

  1. malapit nanaman ang school opening, thinking to buy things that my son wanted to motivate him for this school year, tulad ng wenger bag na kinukulit niya sa akin. I think I'll buy him that

  2. Ok din talaga ung brand na hawk pag dating sa bag. Para sakin mas reliable sa pang araw araw na gamit ung hawk kesa sa jansport, ung jansport kasi parang pang porma lang e hindi pang matagalan. ung binili kong hawlk backpack sa 2years na ung nakalipas pero nagamit na parehas ng mga anak ko maayos padin at wala pang punit or butas.

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