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Indulgence By Irene: Quezo De Bola Cheesecake
For Orders Call or Text: 0922.8303900 | 0917.6225800
Pre-Order is Required, For Pick-Up Only (Astoria Plaza Pasig)
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Indulgence by Irene Quezo De Bola Cheesecake 1

If you love cheesecakes and if you like Quezo De Bola (like me) then you’ll definitely love this super cheesy cheesecake! I have read about this amazing cheesecake on several blogs before and they all have rave reviews. Turns out, the pick up place is just a few minutes away from our office.

There was an event at the office – it was someone’s birthday – we need a cake so I suggested that we go and try Irene’s Quezo De Bola Cheesecake. BTW: Irene is the Wife of my Fellow Blogger Richard of Tales from The Tummy. The cheesecake comes in 2 sizes 9 inches (Big P900.00) and 4.5 inches (Small P200.00).

Indulgence by Irene Quezo De Bola Cheesecake 5

So Going back to the Birthday, The cake was served to the team, they tried it and loved it. They were raving about it too. The cake was super rich and cheesy. No extenders, just the good stuff. It was really good! Who say’s you have to wait for Christmas to enjoy a slice of Quezo De Bola! You can enjoy this cheesecake all year round!

Indulgence by Irene Quezo De Bola Cheesecake 2

Indulgence by Irene Quezo De Bola Cheesecake 3

Indulgence by Irene Quezo De Bola Cheesecake 4

You have to try it! 🙂 The only problem is that you have to pick it up yourself, delivery is not yet an option. But the effort is definitely worth it! The last time I had this cake was last week – my friend bought one and brought left overs in the office! 🙂

PS: Another Cheesecake that I love is Manila Hotel’s Mango Cheesecake! Yum!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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