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(New) Miramar Hotel Manila

(New) Miramar Hotel Manila
Roxas Blvd cor. UN Avenue Ermita Manila. (Beside Bayview Park Hotel)
Tel: (632) 523 4484 to 86
Fax: (632) 526 1866
Mobile: (+63)915.4462115

Miramar Hotel Manila 01

They call it “New” but in reality it is really, really old. There are a lot of old hotels in Manila – which is really historical and charming – But being an old hotel does not mean that it has to be outdated as well. Miramar Hotel has its nice Artsy-Artsy old charm to it but they should have at least updated the facilities.

Let’s define OLD shall we! According to its website:

“Built in the 1930’s in the Art Deco style and sensitively refurbished in 2009, the 5-storey Miramar stands out as an architectural gem, one of very few buildings linking bustling Manila to a graceful and elegant era.”

Miramar hotel has a great location. It is right at the center of Manila’s Prime Tourism Area. It is basically a stone throw away from Rizal Park, Museong Pambata, US Embassy, Baywalk, and Manila Ocean Park. The exterior of the hotel is really beautiful and was artistically done. the interiors, like I said has this old artsy feel but sadly, the equipment, the beds, facilities, and even the elevator has been left that way for quite sometime. I wonder what kind of renovation they did last 2009.

Let’s take a quick tour of Miramar Hotel Manila.

Miramar Hotel Manila 02

The Lobby. Friendly Staff and Front Desk Assistant

Miramar Hotel Manila 03

The Check in process was smooth. But they will ask for a Cash deposit of P1,000 (Refundable) or a Credit Card for the Incidental Expenses.

Miramar Hotel Manila 04

NO FREE WIFI! And look at those crazy high rates! There is a Starbucks on the next building, WiFi is cheaper there. If you are planning to use your Globe Tattoo Stick or Your Phone’s Personal Hotspot, good luck in getting a decent signal from Globe inside the room.

Miramar Hotel Manila 05

Miramar Hotel Manila 06

The Carpeted Stairs Leading to the Elevator

Miramar Hotel Manila 07

Miramar Hotel Manila 08

The hallway with creaking wooden floors… Looks like a scene from a horror flick.

Miramar Hotel Manila 09

One thing that can tell if a hotel is updated is by its doors. Most hotels nowadays, even budget hotels, use Electronic Key Cards instead of a traditional door knob. Aside from the “house key”, you will have to carry that Huge Key-Chain with you everywhere you go if you decide to leave the hotel. The positive side – you can leave the room air-conditioning on when you leave since you don’t need a key card to power up your room.

The room is Big, bigger than most standard rooms nowadays but the Air conditioner is a too small for the room. It was a bit hot even if the air conditioner was cranked up to its maximum. Not to mention, it was a bit noisy. There were moments that you’ll think that it will explode or something. The temperature was just right during night time but during the day, it was like hell a fan room!

Miramar Hotel Manila 14

The Hard bed with Analog Bedside Control Panel which doubles as an FM/AM Radio!

Miramar Hotel Manila 15

Miramar Hotel Manila 16

Miramar Hotel Manila 17

Miramar Hotel Manila 18


Lots of empty spaces around the room.

Miramar Hotel Manila 19

Miramar Hotel Manila 20

Miramar Hotel Manila 21

Miramar Hotel Manila 23

This one was the weirdest and the grossest part. I called the front desk if they can provide bedroom slippers (The room was carpeted but it looks a bit dirty) they said yes and they will just send it up to my room. After a few minutes, the housekeeping guy brought me these… Used, Old and Dirty pair of slippers. It was leathery with a heavy plastic sole. I was expecting the disposable paper bedroom slippers that all most hotels have. But this one really came as a surprise. I did not use it. I am better off walking barefoot on the carpet.

Miramar Hotel Manila 10

The Toilet and Shower was really bordering cheap – if not cheap. Take a look for yourselves.

Miramar Hotel Manila 11

Miramar Hotel Manila 12

Miramar Hotel Manila 22

Miramar Hotel Manila 13

I got this room from Agoda. It was for a super early marathon the next day. I paid around P1,800+ Pesos which is according to the site is 50% less from the published rate. That means, the actual rate of this room is around 3,000 to 4,000 pesos which is a bit steep from the kind of service and amenities that you will be getting. For less than that amount, you can get a better room and better service… and Free WiFi at other hotels.

Like I said being an old hotel does not mean that you will be an outdated one as well. I do hope that they upgrade their facilities soon! It has a good charm to it considering that it was previously an artsy place. Miramar Hotel Needs some major overhaul.

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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