Lunch Buffet at the Vanilla Beach Cafe (Hilton Resort Cebu)

Our day of Ultimate R&R at Hilton Cebu won’t be complete without indulging in an Amazing Meal! And Amazing it was… Great Food! Super Friendly Staff and Chef, and Great Ambiance!
The Vanilla Beach Cafe is Located right at the Hilton Hotel’s wonderful lobby and is conveniently located near the Pool and the Beach Area.

Vanilla Beach Cafe01
Vanilla Beach Cafe51
Vanilla Beach Cafe46
Vanilla Beach Cafe41
Vanilla Beach Cafe50
Vanilla Beach Cafe42

The Lunch Buffet at the Vanilla Beach Cafe in Hilton Cebu was Good! It was not as extensive as the other buffets here in Manila but the Quality of the food and service really made up for their limited menu.

The buffet was small BUT complete. From Soups, Salads, Breads, Pizza, Main Dishes, and Desserts! No Pasta That time, but it was ok… :)

There was no Danggit on the Menu, but when I was walking around, taking pictures, one of the foreign chef asked me If I want to try the danggit. At first I did not realize that he was a foreign chef until… Nagtagalog ako, then sumagot sya in broken English! :) I am so Sorry chef, I did not realize! Anyway, he offered me a sample of their danggit… I said Ok and After a while… Voila! A Freshly Fried Fancy Danngit Platter! :) It was good… especially the garlicky vinegar dip! Panalo! They don’t include it in the buffet table because other people don’t like the smell. It is only available upon request.

Vanilla Beach Cafe45
Vanilla Beach Cafe44

One thing that I like about this buffet was the Tempura! Lots of It! :p

Vanilla Beach Cafe40

Everything on the buffet was so Good! Beach + Perfect Food = Heaven!
But what I like most out of all the dishes was the Food for the Gods! OMG! It was soo Good! Not to sweet… Very Chewy… Perfect! :p

 Vanilla Beach Cafe05

The salad bar was also great! They have lots of greens and several dressings!
Well.. Here are the rest of the Food…

Vanilla Beach Cafe24  Vanilla Beach Cafe02 Vanilla Beach Cafe03 Vanilla Beach Cafe04  Vanilla Beach Cafe06 Vanilla Beach Cafe07 Vanilla Beach Cafe08  Vanilla Beach Cafe10 Vanilla Beach Cafe11 Vanilla Beach Cafe12 Vanilla Beach Cafe13 Vanilla Beach Cafe14 Vanilla Beach Cafe15 Vanilla Beach Cafe16 Vanilla Beach Cafe17 Vanilla Beach Cafe18 Vanilla Beach Cafe19 Vanilla Beach Cafe20 Vanilla Beach Cafe21 Vanilla Beach Cafe22 Vanilla Beach Cafe23  Vanilla Beach Cafe25 Vanilla Beach Cafe26 Vanilla Beach Cafe27 Vanilla Beach Cafe28 Vanilla Beach Cafe29 Vanilla Beach Cafe30 Vanilla Beach Cafe31 Vanilla Beach Cafe32 Vanilla Beach Cafe33 Vanilla Beach Cafe34 Vanilla Beach Cafe35 Vanilla Beach Cafe36 Vanilla Beach Cafe37 Vanilla Beach Cafe38 Vanilla Beach Cafe39        Vanilla Beach Cafe47 

Drinks are not included on the buffet but for just Php 105++ you can have a wonderful bottomless house blend Iced Tea!

This buffet costs at around PhP1,100 pesos if not included in the package.

Vanilla Beach Cafe49 

Next… Dinner Time… No Buffet this time… Just Tons of BBQ… See you at Larsian!

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Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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  1. Hmm... looks mouthwatering!!!! I'm sooo hungry already!!!

    For where to eat in Cebu, me and My friends all recommend! try it!!!!

  2. Hi, Dencio!

    Thanks for the review and photos of the Day Splash package of The Hilton & lunch buffet. We are going to Cebu next week and would like to avail of this. Thanks!

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